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abril 2017

ACC TV/English

What Is Modern Propaganda?

  We bring you very cool projects in Mexico, Paris, Warsaw, New York City and… we also bring you an exclusive interview with the legend himself: Blek Le Rat. He talked about ‘Propaganda’ his upcoming art show at Wunderkammern Gallery, which opens to the public on January 20th in Milan. Italy! ✏︎ Mural Central project… Continua leyendo

ACC TV/English

16 Artists to Follow This 2016 by All City Canvas!

Happy 2016! We missed you so but we are back! And we begin the year with our very own All City Canvas watchlist with 16 artists we predicted to become household names this 2016! Check them out! 👀  1. Drew Meritt  NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES. LIVES AND WORKS IN LOS ANGELES.   2. Marguerite Humeau FRANCE.… Continua leyendo



By Nicole Chaput Every single year it is the same thing. Good morning, it is the 31 and it is time to think about the year that is about to expire. All the thoughts result in an existential quest of what is truly important for the ones who can put up with the weight of… Continua leyendo

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