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mayo 2016

10-Foot Dissected Sigmund Freud by Nychos in NYC

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Nychos’ is preparing NYC for something big! (we couldn’t expect less).

As part of his solo exhibition, IKON at the Jonathan Levine Gallery starting June 25th, Nychos’ will produce an installation of Sigmund Freud being dissected. this amazing piece (that we haven’t seen yet, but from the teaser looks amazing) will be displayed in New York City’s Flatiron Plaza from June 16 to 18. The statue aims to homage to the visionary’s inner life as the pioneer of psychoanalysis.


For a special three-day installation and immersive experience, [Nychos] dissects the bust of Sigmund Freud, revealing his brain, and paying homage to the visionary’s inner life as the pioneer of psychoanalysis.


“Crossroads” solo show by Rune Christensen opens at Galerie Wolfs

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Our dear friend Rune Christensen is having his first solo Show at Galerie Wolfsen and we couldn’t be more happy for him.

This time he is showing more than 50 artworks that he has been working for the las months.

The exhibition runs from 12 May to 3 June. Admission is free throughout the exhibition period.





Biggest Mural ever by 2501 in Ukraine

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2501 just finished a new mural in Kiev, Ukraine and its just AMAZING!


The 26 storey building is the biggest the artist has ever painted. The mural is part of his Nomadic Experiment project, where he explores the interaction with the reality that can generate physical work of art. The whole mural process lasted for 4 days, working 12 hours a day. 8 litters of black paint and 2 litters of gold paint we used to produce the mural.

The Mural was made possible by Art United us and curated by Geo Leros, Iryna Kanishcheva, Waone Interesni Kazki, Ilya Sagaidak .


“I never have sketch for my intervention I work constantly on ideas and I adapt myself in a conversation with architectural and social environment where i m pushed for few days in a sort of action/reaction chain.”


“Many times I’m traveling to paint walls. I spend a long period of time creating my art and concentrating in the process together with people that I never seen in my life. In certain way influences my approach on what i m doing . This was the case with Mikhail the guy operating my lift.”


Mikhail was born and rase in the neighborhood where 2501 painted the mural. He knew the city and the culture of their country… a real insider.

The mural incorporates an abstract representation of the national symbol of Ukraine, mixed with the personal history of Mikhail and the story of the neighbourhood.



Masks of Courage: Defining True Identity

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Brooklyn had one of the most interesting exhibitions on the night of April 28 at Gallery House “Masks of Courage: Defining True Identity” where more than 40 artworks, including paintings, photographs and installations filled the rooms of this house located in 272 Clinton Ave.

Masks of Courage: Defining True Identity (photo by Ana Celaya)

The artworks were donated to raise funds for the Natalia Ponce de León Foundation ( which defends, promotes and protects the human rights of victims of chemical attacks. The show challenged attributes that define how we see ourselves, and how others perceive us. Our face, body, language, relationships, what we wear, like and own, paints an image of who we are. But what happens when we take those things away? Who are we then? In that spirit, the exhibition was delighted to work with artists who donated their artworks answering the question: “Who am I?”

Full House in Masks of Courage exhibition in Brooklyn (photo by Ana Celaya)

This time around, All City Canvas collaborated to achieve this purpose by bringing the outstanding Italian illustrator Francesco Masci who intervened and donated a painting he created live during the opening night. The live process made the attendees feel part of the creative process. Also our friend Cake Street Art (Jennifer Caviola) donated one of her great artworks for this amazing cause.

“Opened Suddenly” – CakeStreetArt (photo by Ana Celaya)

“Masks of Courage: Defying True Identity” took the viewers through a journey that separates the sense of self worth from the external attributes of identity, to ultimately confront them with the reality acid attack victims experience.

Francesco Masci starting to work in his project, which was donated to Natalia Ponce de León Foundation (photo by Ana Celaya)
Viewers enjoyed the whole creative process of Francesco’s artwork (photo by Ana Celaya)
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