Felipe Pantone and Saner reunited at art festival in the U.S.

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The artists prepared their pieces for The Unexpected

Felipe Pantone and Saner presented at the third edition of The Unexpected, art exhibition curated by JUSTKIDS, presented in Fort Smith, Arkansas, from July 23 through 30, which focuses on bringing participative and interdisciplinary art to the region.
Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor
Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor
Mexican artist Saner, in collaboration with AEC from the well-known duo Iteresni Kazki, were created a mural. Meanwhile, the Argentinean Felipe Pantone was working on a skate park set up in a parking lot.
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The Unexpected includes the participation of veteran Doze Green, who intervened Fort Smith’s New Theatre; Circus Family, an audiovisual design collective in charge of a light and sound experience, and American installation artist Crystal Wagner.
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This year’s artworks will join the ones created in 2015 and 2016 by artists such as ROA (The Mole, 2015), Askew One (Cherokee Women, 2015), Bordalo II (Opossum, 2016), as well as Faith 47 (Royal Spirits, 2016).
The Mole (Roa, 2015)
Royal Spirits (Faith47, 2016)
Opossum (Bordalo II, 2015)
Cherokee Women (Askew One, 2016)

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