Interview with Matteo Amadio, one of BLOOP’s festival founders

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The festival aims to bring art to the public

Text by Victor Arturo Valencia

Translation by Briana Prieto F. in collaboration with Paula Villanueva

“I fell in love with Ibiza. It happened by chance, but I decided that I wanted to spend as much time here as possible, not only because it is an island of celebration, creativity and transgression, but also – and above all – for tolerance,” said Matteo Amadio, one of the founders of Bloop. In an interview with ALL CITY CANVAS, he told us about the beginning of the festival and the reasons why it’s necessary to expand art to the people.

BLOOP, the proactive art festival, returns this 2017 with a new theme: Changes. Ibiza will be the venue of the festival, an island built on prejudices and a lack of control and excesses, which they seek to undo through Bloop’s proposal.

The festival has been going on for 6 years. The idea of bringing art to the public for free is to generate interaction between the work and the spectators, and break the barriers between art and its attendees.

Why choose the word Changes as the theme for this year?

We’re coming from a great period of economic crisis. Adding to that the unexpected changes, such as the UK’s choice to leave the European Union and the United States’ decision to choose Trump as president, raising grave uncertainties. Just think about how the relationship with technology has changed the way we socialize. That is, if we look at the present, the past or the future, the hottest issue today is just that.

Photo by Marc Colomines

Each year’s theme is chosen based on experiences and anecdotes from Matteo Amadio’s world. At some point, after an infidelity by his ex-girlfriend, he brought together artists who had gone through the same situation and wanted to express their feelings through art.

“When my ex-girlfriend cheated on me, I decided to organize an exhibition in Milan with artists who had lived the same experience and would want to express their feelings through art. With Bloop we seek to expand the horizon a little more, we look at the reality of cultural, social and geopolitical scenarios,” said Amadio.

Photo by Mar Colomines

Art eliminates nationality barriers; do you think BLOOP can cross borders?

We would definitely like this experience to be expanded to other cities. However, before venturing into new territory, we must understand the local scene perfectly, especially if we have a proposal like Bloop; we have to find local partners to maintain the spirit we’ve created in Ibiza.

The objective is fulfilled each year. The public approaches art. People gather and art gains ground to create a new type of tourism. The “changes” are not only achieved onstage or for festival’s theme, but in everything that surrounds it.

This year’s edition of BLOOP will be held from August 23 to September 16 aiming to continue the essence with which it was created: making art accessible to all. This has been achieved through the styles of some artists such as INO, Aec Interesni Kazki, INTI, Bisser, Tom Gallant, Martha Cooper and more.

This renowned festival is almost here. STAY TUNED!