Polish artist intervenes largest bus for Nuart Festival

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Pontoon: the metaphor for migration

Text by Cristina Ochoa

Translation by Briana Prieto F in collaboration with Paula Villanueva

Photos by Nuart Festival

A truck is a medium of transportation we use and are accustomed to on a daily basis: its drivers, the people that use it, the destinations; but imagine if all these elements were foreign to you and the only thing you had in common with the other passengers is the need to save their lives. This is how the Polish artist M-City defines the phenomenon of migration, a metaphor he depicted in his intervention on one of the largest buses of Nuart Festival in Norway.

Pontoon is the title of M-City’s intervention on the bus, making reference to the maritime transport that hundreds of migrants use to reach the European coasts.

M-City is a Polish artist that has participated in Nuart in numerous occasions. His style, which focuses on the use of stencil, combines political and industrial issues, materialized in large-scale murals.

But the Polish artist is not the only one exhibiting the issue of migration. A few days ago, Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei – after a series of visits to 20 migrant shelters around the world – created Law of the Journey, an installation of 258 pieces depicting human rights violations.

Stavanger: a project to become Art City

 Since 2016, Nuart Festival has one goal: to make Stavanger an Art City, a reference for cultural exchange, resulting from the various artworks created by international artists. A city that qualifies as a tourist destination thanks to its ongoing cultural activities.

Part of the Art City project is Street Art Buses, which are run by the local Kolumbus bus company. A year ago, artists Add Fuel, Ernest Zacharevic, Martin Whatson and Hama Woods participated in taking buses for this project.

With information from NuArt and Cbcnews

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