Ron English opens exhibition at Mural Festival and All City Canvas was there!

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Ron English presents exhibition at Mural Festival 2017

Text by Victor Valencia

Translation by Briana Prieto F. in collaboration with Paula Villanueva

He is well known for criticizing large corporations, creating most of his murals in the 80’s and appearing in a chapter of The Simpsons dedicated to street art. He is considered one of the referents of urban art, a movement that criticizes cultural hegemony. We’re talking about Ron English, American artist who opened his Popaganda exhibition at Mural Festival.

The show has a collection of the artist’s work: sculptures, posters, t-shirts and books. The opening took place on June 8 at Studio Bliss and will be open to the public until June 18.

The popaganda concept was created by the artist and alludes to the interaction between the so-called high and low culture in his artworks. The artist participated in the documentary Super Size Me in 2004, where his famous sculpture of Ronald McDonald ironically shows the increase of obesity in American society.

Disney characters, superheroes, celebrity figures and politicians from Marilyn Monroe, to Obama and Clinton, are presented in his works. Andy Warhol is the artist that has most influenced his style.

In addition to the exhibition, Ron English is creating a mural on the streets of Montreal, a Mona Lisa with his iconic happy skull.

This is how Mural Festival 2017 is rolling along, in the hands of one of the most renowned artists, with an important trajectory in urban art.

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