Documentary series explores the relationship between urban stickers and skateboarding

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Stick to it, the first documental about urban stickers has released its second episode, the bond between stickers and skateboarding

Translation by Andros Pineda in collaboration with Paula Villanueva

In four episodes, this project narrates the history of urban stickers featuring acclaimed artists, musicians and designers, dedicated to this discipline.

The director Alexis Deforges, wanted to showcase the street culture of different cities. You can find each chapter on his Vimeo channel free. The first one was published a couple of months ago and the following episodes are now online.

Skateboarding has always been related to rebelliousness and freedom; another aspect associated with this sport is street art and its design.

Seth Curtis, professional skateboarder, comments that when kids go to buy their first skateboard they have no idea about size or width, they just want an awesome design.

About stickers, the creator of Street Machine, Eric Obre, notes: “You know what they like about skate and the type of music they listen to based on the stickers they use […] They’re a sort of ID; a passport.”

The second episode of the documentary series Stick to it, entitled “Screaming Hands,” digs into the connection that the world of stickers has with skateboarding. Besides Obre and Curtis, experts on the subject such as artist Bigfoot, the co-founder of Zoo York and Eli Morgan Gesner, among others.

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