SPRING/BREAK Art Show: Black Mirror art

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400 artists exhibit their work at Armory arts week

Text by Cristina Ochoa in collaboration with Víctor Valencia

Translation and photos by Briana Prieto F

 As strange as having sex with a pig, as futuristic as the hoarding of technology in our daily activities, we experienced SPRING / BREAK Art Show at 4 Times Square in New York City.

Based on the opening of spaces for emerging artists, SPRING / BREAK Art Show appeared in 2009 by the duet Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly, specialists in multimedia products and painting, respectively.

Almost 400 artists participated in this edition whose main theme was Black Mirror. The concept was to create a self-portrait, an interpretation of themselves through non-aesthetics, like Van Gogh did in his time, Jan van Eyck to Chuck Close, Frida Kahlo, among others.

Performances, installations and paintings were the main guidelines of the 2017 proposal. Artists like Nicholas Fraser, Eve Sussman, James Woodruff, Chris Retsina, Rohitash Rao, Jonathan Rosen, among others were present at this edition.

For the artists, their artwork functions like a reflector of an entire creative process, which also involves the personality of its creator.

The project seeks to present new artists in spaces that were not originally created for an art exhibition, which is why Gori and Kelly look for abandoned spaces for project presentations. For example, at 4 Times Square, floors 23 and 24 were used to exhibit the pieces where about 150 curators participated.

The idea is that artists that were featured in the exhibition can get exposure and sell their work at an affordable price; these can also be purchased online.

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