Grenoble celebrated its first street art movie festival

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The festival showcased over 30 street art-themed films

Translation by Andros Pineda in collaboration with Paula Villanueva

For the first time since its creation in 2015, Grenoble Street Art Fest established a film festival dedicated to showcase street art-themed films exclusively. The festival is a French celebration of street art’s multiple disciplines, such as collage, sculptures, installations, and photography.

According to the Cinémathèque de Grenoble, co-curator of the film selection, the purpose of the festival is to bring to the audience the history and techniques of the numerous means involved in street art through audiovisual productions.

The total selection of 30 films was divided into four categories: feature films, documentaries, short films, and animated films. The selection included pictures such as:

Los Hongos (The Mushrooms) (Navia, 2014), fiction feature about a couple of young Colombian graffiti artists and the way social and family issues are involved in their art.

Shepard Fairey: Obey this film (Novak, 2014), in this short documentary, Shepard Fairey, the iconic artist behind the famous Andre the Giant Has a Posse/OBEY symbols, is questioned about his work and the role of the artists in modern society.

Graffiti Dança (Eba, 2013), a colorful animated short where the graffiti on the walls of Sao Paulo comes to life.

Sky’s the limit (Thomas, 2016), is a documentary about the history and international impact of muralism as a global phenomenon.

The festival also featured pieces by artists and crews like Unavida Familia, Mandrake4u , Votourz Color, and Seth.

Mural by Seth
Mural by Mandrake4u
Mural by Unavida Familia

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