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Armory Arts Week

SPRING/BREAK Art Show: Black Mirror art

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400 artists exhibit their work at Armory arts week

Text by Cristina Ochoa in collaboration with Víctor Valencia

Translation and photos by Briana Prieto F

 As strange as having sex with a pig, as futuristic as the hoarding of technology in our daily activities, we experienced SPRING / BREAK Art Show at 4 Times Square in New York City.

Based on the opening of spaces for emerging artists, SPRING / BREAK Art Show appeared in 2009 by the duet Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly, specialists in multimedia products and painting, respectively.

Almost 400 artists participated in this edition whose main theme was Black Mirror. The concept was to create a self-portrait, an interpretation of themselves through non-aesthetics, like Van Gogh did in his time, Jan van Eyck to Chuck Close, Frida Kahlo, among others.

Performances, installations and paintings were the main guidelines of the 2017 proposal. Artists like Nicholas Fraser, Eve Sussman, James Woodruff, Chris Retsina, Rohitash Rao, Jonathan Rosen, among others were present at this edition.

For the artists, their artwork functions like a reflector of an entire creative process, which also involves the personality of its creator.

The project seeks to present new artists in spaces that were not originally created for an art exhibition, which is why Gori and Kelly look for abandoned spaces for project presentations. For example, at 4 Times Square, floors 23 and 24 were used to exhibit the pieces where about 150 curators participated.

The idea is that artists that were featured in the exhibition can get exposure and sell their work at an affordable price; these can also be purchased online.

The best artwork of The Armory Show 🗽

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More than 200 art galleries from around the world gathered at the art fair.

Text by Victor Valencia

Translation and photos by Briana Prieto F

More than 200 galleries and artists from 30 different countries gathered at The Armory Show 2017 on March 2nd to 5th. The best art works of the 20th and 21st century reunited at this great fair.

Self Portrait by Bruce High Quality Foundation

The presentation of the artwork was divided in five different sections, in which the work of classic artists such as Picasso and emerging artists could be observed.

Les Déjeuners, 1961 by Pablo Picasso

With a tradition dating back to 1994, The Armory Show (named after the legendary 19th century exhibit of great European artists never seen before in the United States) showed the best of contemporary art in countries such as the United States, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Greece, France, United Kingdom and Mexico.

Afternoon (#1121) by Yayoi Kusama

Some of the galleries that showed their artwork this year were: Marianne Boesky Gallery, Mor Charpentier, Praz-Delavallade, Marc Selwyn Fine Art and Leila Heller Gallery.

FMLMBD, 2017 by Rachel Lee Hovnanian

Artists such as Franco Calarota, Matthias Dornfeld, Francisco Ugarte, Diana Fonseca, Levi Von Veluw, Yayoi Kusama and Jordi Mayoral were also present.

As every year, The Armory Show hosts more than 65,000 art lovers from all over the world; it has become one of the largest fairs in the world.

Drunk by Otterness, Tom

La feria de arte contemporáneo Volta celebra su 10° edición 🙌

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Más de 90 galerías se dan cita en el encuentro

Fotografías por Briana Prieto

La feria de arte contemporáneo Volta celebra su décima edición del primero al cinco de marzo dentro de Pier 90, en Nueva York. Con 96 galerías y artistas de 46 ciudades alrededor del mundo, como Tokyo, Valencia y Río de Janeiro, esta feria promete seguir mostrando lo mejor del arte contemporáneo.

Por su formato de exhibiciones individuales, Volta reenfoca la experiencia de las ferias de arte a su punto fundamental: los artistas y su trabajo. José Ángel Vincech, Shannon Forrester, Adam Lee, Polly Gould, Emma Bennet y Tina Schwarz son sólo algunos de los invitados a esta edición que se realiza dentro de Armory Arts Week.

Uno de los artistas seleccionados para esta edición es el hondureño Lester Rodríguez, quien presenta obras donde explora las relaciones de geografía física y construcciones simbólicas que derivan de ella. Utiliza materiales que refieren a nociones como desplazamientos, migraciones, territorios, fronteras y sus implicaciones sociales y políticas.

La programación de este año también incluye Your Body is a Battleground, donde un curador selecciona trabajos basados en un tema común, y cuya edición de 2016 fue aclamada. La sección de este año está a cargo de Wendy Voguel y el tema gira alrededor de la precariedad del cuerpo y de la identidad en un momento de turbulencia política.

Volta fue fundada en 2005 por los distribuidores de arte Kavi Gupta, Friederich Loock y Ulrich Voges como una feria “de galerías para galerías”. El concepto fue reformulado en 2008, cuando se mudó de Basel a Nueva York. Desde entonces, Volta ha mostrado el arte contemporáneo de artistas internacionales emergentes y tendencias de vanguardia.



Volta Contemporary Art Fair celebrates its 10th edition 🙌

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More than 90 galleries gather at Volta 

Text by Mariana Gaona; Photos by Briana Prieto

Volta Contemporary Art Fair celebrates its tenth edition from the 1st to the 5th of March at Pier 90 in New York. With 96 different galleries and a variety of artists from 46 different cities around the world, such as Tokyo, Valencia and Rio de Janeiro, this fair promises to continue showing the best of contemporary art.

Coherence, 2016 by Faig Ahmed

For its format of individual exhibitions, Volta focuses the experience of art fairs to their fundamental core: the artists and their work. Jose Angel Vincech, Shannon Forrester, Adam Lee, Polly Gould, Emma Bennet and Tina Schwarz are just a few of the guests at this edition, part of the Armory Arts Week.

Generoso Villareal

One of the artists selected for this edition is Honduran Lester Rodríguez, who shows how he explores the relationship between physical geography and symbolic construction that derive from it. He uses materials that refer to notions such as displacements, migration, territories, borders and their social and political implications.

This year’s program also includes Your Body is a Battleground, where a curator selects artwork based on a common theme, its 2016 edition was acclaimed. This year’s section is by Wendy Voguel and the theme revolves around the precariousness of the body and identity in a time of political turbulence.

Volta was founded in 2005 by art dealers Kavi Gupta, Friederich Loock and Ulrich Voges as a fair “from galleries to galleries”. The concept was redesigned in 2008, when it moved from Basel to New York. Since then, Volta has shown the contemporary art of emerging international artists and avant-garde trends.

Double Projection Shadow Portrait X and III, 2017 by Anthony Goicolea
Adrian Esparza
Szilard Gaspar


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