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Sky’s the limit, documental sobre el nuevo muralismo en el arte urbano

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Katre, Stew, Inti y Astro aparecen en el documental

El director Jerome Thomas presentará, con motivo de la segunda edición del festival Spray!, primer festival de cine dedicado al graffiti y arte urbano, el documental Sky’s the limit, en el que se narra la historia del nuevo muralismo.

Las fachadas de edificios en Ucrania, Polonia y París son intervenidas por diversos artistas en este documental.

Durante más de 30 minutos que dura la película, se filma el proceso creativo de alrededor de 10 talentosos muralistas como Katre, Stew, Inti, Seth y Astro, donde crean sus obras en diversos países.

Además de la realización de murales, el documental relata la historia del muralismo como fenómeno mundial, así como la perspectiva de los  artistas entrevistados sobre este movimiento artístico.

Con diversas cámaras, entre ellas una Go Pro adherida a las brochas con las que pintaban los murales, se realizaron las tomas que mostraban tanto a los artistas como testimonios de gente que observaba el desarrollo y autoridades de los distintos países.

De esta forma, a través del cine, se quiere informar sobre la complejidad de los proyectos, el tiempo que tardan,  los frenos técnicos y meteorológicos, para que todo esto pueda ser realizado.


A new Ibiza is at dawn: What you need to know about BLOOP 2017 festival

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BLOOP, the world’s first festival entirely dedicated to Proactive Art

Text by Cristina Ochoa

Translation by Briana Prieto F. in collaboration with Paula Villanueva

7 consecutive years of BLOOP has attracted attention to a vast number of people who work in the art and creative industry by opening a new path for Ibiza`s tourism market.


BLOOP, the proactive art festival was born in 2011 with the theme “Sea Creatures;” six editions later, the project is consolidated as one of the most important across the globe.

With the idea of ​​holding an event that attracts the general public – not just the people who frequent galleries and museums – the festival was brought to Ibiza, created by the creative studio Biokip Labs.

This project consists of artworks made in different mediums: murals, digital art, music, sculptures, installations, photography, painting, video installations and special events.

The participating artists in this festival are international collaborators, like, INO, Aec of the duo Interesni Kazki, INTI, Bisser, Tom Gallant, Martha Cooper, and many others.

Each year, art is created around a general theme; the past editions themes were “Sea Creatures” (2011); “Appearance” (2012); “Control” (2013); “The Best -Arrogance-” (2014); “Parallel Universes” (2015), and “No Fear” (2016). All of them seek to create a moment of reflection for the attendees.

The 2017 edition will take place from August 23 to September 16. Stay tuned for this year’s theme, Changes, and more information to come on BLOOP festival.

La Madre Secular by INTI

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La Madre Secular INTI’s new mural was produced in collaboration with the Galerie Saint Laurent, at the classic and crowded Marche aux Puces.

Place where the Mediterranean Europe and Northern Africa coexist under the premise of mutual respect in their religious and cultural differences.


Here some amazing details of the mural:



All City Canvas Top 20 Best Murals of 2015⚡️

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Here are the Top 20 Best Murals of the year, according to All City Canvas:


20. Jonny Alexander & Aaron Glasson for ‘Iridiscence’ in Wynwood, Miami.

19. Christopher Konecki ‘Age Old Question’ in San Diego, CA.

18. SANER for Asalto Festival in Zaragoza, Spain.

17. Eversiempre for Monumentart in New York, NY.

16. Pichi&Avo for Puerto Street Art Festival in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.

15. Kevin Ledo & Fin dac in Wynwood, Miami

14. Jason Botkin for Freak Lunchbox in Halifax, Canada

13. Caratoes, Lauren YS & Tatiana Suarez in San Francisco, CA.

12. Sego for Monumentart in New York, NY.

11. El Mac & Celsoart for Monumentart in New York, NY.

10. Os Gemeos for Vilnius Street Art Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania.

9. Ella & Pitr for Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway

8. Wes21 & Onur for PangeaSeed x Urban Nation Berlin in Wynwood, Miami.

7. Faith47 for PangeaSeed’ Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans in Cozumel, Mexico.

6. Franco Fasoli JAZ & Conor Harrington for O.bra Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

5. Smithe & Case Maclaim for Pow! Wow! Hawaii x PangeaSeed in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

4. Evoca1 for Inoperable Gallery in Vienna, Austria

3. D*Face for ACC Global Series x British Council in Mexico City.

2. Alexis Diaz & Inti for O.bra Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

1. Okuda San Miguel for KAOS TEMPLE at La Iglesia del Skate in Asturias, Spain.


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