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Top 10: Most Influential Women in Urban Contemporary Art 2017

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Tattoos, murals and paintings come together in this feminine ranking

Text by Victor Valencia

Translation by Briana Prieto F. in collaboration with Paula Villanueva

Since March is Women’s History Month, All City Canvas was given the task of creating this ranking that brings you the top 10 women in street art around the world.

1.-Indie 184

Born in New York in 1980. Since the beginning Indie 184 has been influenced in graffiti especially by Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. These two styles created a blend of art that stands out from her eye: very vivid tones that contrast with gray scale portraits, thick lines with dripping paint and the typical domed letters found on the streets of any city.

In addition to her own line of street wear Kweez Destroys, thanks to her fame, a comic was created with her as main character: Indie 184 Destroys.

Her work has been exhibited not only in the streets, but galleries and museums such as, El Museo del Barrio in New York and Völklingen Ironworks Museum, in Saarbrücken, Germany, to mention a few.


IG: @indie184 


Her work represents human figures, mostly female, reflecting everyday actions in society that seeks to be a criticism of it; a reflection of nostalgia and fear for the people’s future.

This Argentine artist is characterized by her black and white art, which can be seen in different parts of the world, such as Italy, Spain and Norway; she has also exhibited her work in contemporary art galleries.



IG: @h_y_u_r_o 


From South Africa to the world. Through her work and her different experiences, Faith47 wants to represent the examination she has made of society’s place in the world.

She rescues places that a normal eye can only see as debris, because with its different techniques, which include painting, projections, installations, engravings and drawings, she manages to grant visibility to these forgotten places and objects.

She began her artistic career at the age of 19, which has led her to exhibit her art in many countries such as Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Tunisia, United States, Australia, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.


IG: @faith47 

  4. Christina Angelica
Born in Venice, California, she depicts female figures with different shades in her murals, ranging from a monochrome in blue to more vivid colors.

Since she did not want to be restricted to the gallery space, these portraits with a realistic technique, highlight the facial features of the character portrayed in her murals. Through them, she reflects the inspiration the place exudes.

Germany, the US and Brazil are some of the countries that house her urban art. Nike, Nylon Magazine, Microsoft, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, CAA, Heineken, Neiman Marcus and Christian Louboutin are some of the brands that have elevated her fame.


IG: @starfightera 


The works and installations of Kashink always reflect a masculine face, fat and hairy, represented in different ways. These are decorated with vivid colors, which highlight their abstract and surreal style, as well as being created with thick lines that highlight the interior of the portrait.

This artist is inspired by Gilbert and George, Keith Haring, Frida Kahlo and Charles Burns.

Something that characterizes her at the time of creating art is that during the creative process she draws a mustache on her face.

London, Vienna, Ibiza, Bristol, Madrid, Berlin and Paris are some of the cities that have seen this French artist make and leave posterity for her urban art.


IG: kashink1


This urban artist of Colombian origin remains anonymous because she doesn’t want to be like others; she does not want to exalt her image in a world where everyone wants to be famous.

Her artistic work is a criticism of Latin American society, a subcontinent that does not let people rest from violence and abuses. With a feminist tinge, she defends all the rights of women and tries to raise awareness of the mistreatment they suffer.

With thick lines and matte colors within the contours she creates, she creates a light sensation for those who observe her pieces. She also achieves scenes where women are the main focus.

“As a woman, I have had to fight against these kinds of realities, against the fact that people want to assault me, that I am not taken into account for many things, and I have had to fight against a world that still revolves around men,” says the artist in one of the few interviews she has given.


IG: #bastardilla

7.-Eva Bracamontes

Mexican artist that represents the feminine figure in her urban pieces, mixing her knowledge as an illustrator and a great handling of the spray can. With a caricaturesque style, Bracamontes creates her artworks by highlighting thick and colorful lines to emphasize the traits of the women she portrays.

In her murals, she wants to enhance her Mexican context through ancestral and cultural techniques. Through her work, she seeks to make people pay attention to the details that she creates thanks to her perfectionism.


IG: @evabracamontes01 

8.-Pum Pum

An urban artist from Coghlan, Argentina, she maintains the anonymity of both her name and face. From her background in design, she adopted the pseudonym Pum Pum to refer to that unique and very colorful character that creates urban artwork.

She started creating with old school graffiti artists, but then adopted another material to express herself: latex paint. With this material and Pum Pum’s fusion of animated characters like Hello Kitty, she creates representations with bright and clear colors enclosed in a very fine contour that are characterized by very large heads in comparison with their bodies.

She is currently one of the artists that make up the gallery UNIÓN in Buenos Aires.


IG: @holapumpum 

9.-Meg McNiel

She is a tattoo artist in Phoenix, Arizona, who is locked in a small metal cubicle where she creates her art with a machine and ink.

McNiel’s work is characterized by using dark, very heavy colors that other tattoo artists don’t dare to expriment with.

This unique style has led her to participate and win a few tattoo contests, like the Ink-N-Iron Festival at the Queen Mary in Long Beach and the Arizona Tattoo Expo.


IG: @megmcniel 

10.-Tamara Alves

Born in Portugal and living in Lisbon, Tamara Alves creates her art from different techniques, ranging from paintings to tattoos.

She represents human figures and wild animals with artwork in black and white as well as in color. Most of them have something that distinguishes them: eyes without an iris or pupils, for example. This lack of expression with the eyes generates a feeling of discomfort and depth at the time of being seen.

In her work she wants to depict empty bodies, without organs but with animal sensations running high. This erotic conversion of being makes her artwork an exhibition of spectacular urban art.


IG: @tamara_aalves 






NADA 2017, the fair every emerging artist needs to know about

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Aliens, dancing and lots of art in New York

Text by Cristina Ochoa

Translation by Briana Prieto F & Paula Villanueva

You come home, open your bedroom door and, in front of your desk, you find a strange being typing at full speed, an alien that develops the same skill you would. No, it’s not an E.T.-type plot, it’s a piece by Jeremy Couillard, at this year’s New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) 2017 edition.

The sixth edition of this fair, which according to its founders “is always looking for new ways to bring contemporary art to the public on behalf of our international exhibitors” hosted galleries like 11R, Carbon 12, Dutton, Glasgow International, Maki Fine Arts, among many others.

It was in 2002 that Elyse Derosia, President of NADA, and who is also part of the gallery Bodega in New York’s Lower East Side, together with gallery owner Augusto Arbizo, decided to found this proposal, which after six editions, has been consolidated as one of the most influential promotional events for emerging artists today.

International artists like Phoebe Berglund, Stefan Benochoam, Megan May Daalder, Cristina Tufino, Jennifer Rochlin, among others, participated in three art-filled days in the form of dance, sculpture, painting and installations.
For this edition, the project collaborated with Kickstarter, the most prominent creative works promotion platform. The partnership resulted in a series of lectures on art, education and other subjects involving the creative community as well as performances.

For this edition, the project collaborated with Kickstarter, the most prominent creative works promotion platform. The partnership resulted in a series of lectures on art, education and other subjects involving the creative community as well as performances.

NADA 2017, la feria que todo artista emergente debe conocer

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Aliens, baile y mucho arte en Nueva York  

Llegas a casa, abres la puerta de tu habitación y frente a tu escritorio te encuentras con un ser extraño tipografiando a toda velocidad, un alien que se desenvuelve con la misma destreza que lo harías tú. No, no es la trama de E.T. , es el trabajo de Jeremy Couillard, en la presentación de New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) 2017.


La sexta edición de esta exhibición del proyecto, que de acuerdo con sus fundadores “siempre está buscando nuevas maneras de llevar el arte contemporáneo al público en nombre de nuestros expositores internacionales”;  contó con la participación de galerías como 11R, Carbon 12, Dutton, Glasgow International, Maki Fine Arts, entre muchas otras.

Fue en el 2002 cuando Elyse Derosia, presidenta del evento y quien es parte de la galería Bodega en Nueva York, junto con el galerista Augusto Arbizo, decidieron fundar esta propuesta que tras seis emisiones, se ha consolidado como uno de los eventos de promoción de artistas emergentes más influyentes en la actualidad.

Artistas internacionales como Phoebe Berglund, Stefan Benochoam, Megan May Daalder, Cristina Tufino, Jennifer Rochlin, entre otros, se encargaron de amenizar los tres días de arte en forma de baile, escultura, pintura e instalaciones que se presentaron en NADA.

Para esta edición, el proyecto colaboró con Kickstarter, la plataforma dedicada a la promoción de trabajos creativos más prominente. La alianza dio como resultado una serie de conferencias sobre el arte, la educación y otros temas que conectan a la comunidad creativa.

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