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Top 10 Murals of Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2017

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The Hawaiian art festival has ended

Text by Cristina Ochoa; Translation by Briana Prieto F and Paula Villanueva

Photos by Pow! Wow! Hawaii

Music festival, cinema and street art at Pow! Wow! Hawaii in the Kaka’ako neighborhood, Hawaii came to an end on February 18th. Around 100 artists from different nationalities participated in the event. Here at ALL CITY CANVAS we made a selection of the 10 most impressive murals of the event. Check them out:

1. “Learn from your mistakes” – Telmomiel
The Dutch duo won first place with a work that has the characteristics of most of their work: the use of intense colors, remarked expressions and a perfect combination of almost photographic realism and the subtle technique of classical painting.

2. “Dixie’s Eyes” – Drew Merritt
Without a doubt, the work of the artist from Los Angeles is one of the most interesting because of the way he handles the representation of his “subjects,” people of whom he makes portraits. Discreet in his personal life, skilled in his work, Merrit left us one of the most expressive pieces of the festival.


3. Untitled – Joram Roukes
Joram Roukes, the Dutch artist for whom painting is “a game.” He has worked with international organizations such as the Galleri Benon in Copenhagen and StolenSpace Gallery in London. For his pieces, he used a combination of red and blue, as well as animals; a characteristic present in most of his work.

4. Untitled – Carol Lynn
The first mural by the Dutch artist is inspired on a personal loss to who she dedicated the work to. The traveler made a series of delicate strokes with shades in pastel tones, making it difficult not to take a photograph.


5. Untitled – Mr. Jago
Mr. Jago could be considered a kind of a contemporary Jackson Pollock. Inspired first in graffiti, then in more abstract forms of representation, the artist has been developing his technique since the 90’s and is certainly a sensory experience that you cannot miss.

6. Untitled – SHOK-1
The English artist, one of the first to specialize in painting murals in the style of X-rays with aerosol, made a mural that corresponds to most of his works used to make a (pathological and social) analysis of contemporary society.

7. Untitled – Kevin Lyons
Kevin Lyons was one of the most experienced participants in the festival and, as expected, did not disappoint us. The designer, producer and artist who has worked with brands like Nike Converse, created a colorful mural that evokes the cartoons of our childhood.


8. “Push + Pull” – Abovestudio
Californian Tavar Zawaki began painting in 1996; his work focus on design and abstract forms. For Zawaki, the most difficult challenge for this mural was to find a harmonic balance between the color palette.

9. Untitled – Tar McPherson
American artist who works with subjects about human psychological states, myths, legends, astronomy and his life experience. This mural was 20 meters high and was one of the most visited during the festival in Hawaii.

10. Untitled – SLICK
Undoubtedly, this work reminds us of classic graffiti; with colors and typography that stand out, SLICK did an incredible job with this mural. He will make two other versions in different colors.

Ya viene Pow! Wow!, uno de los festivales de arte más importantes en el mundo

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Artistas internacionales se unen para crear arte

Una semana entera para disfrutar del arte en cualquiera de sus presentaciones: pintura, instalaciones, música, cine; todo esto sucederá en la el vecindario de Kaka’ako, Hawái, la próxima semana.

Pow!, el impacto del arte en una persona; Wow!, la reacción que el arte provoca en el espectador, así se definen los integrantes del festival el cual ha logrado instaurarse como uno de los más importantes a nivel internacional por el número de artistas participantes, la magnitud de sus eventos y la diversidad de actividades.

Pow! Wow! es un encuentro de baile, canto y personas, el cual busca generar lazos entre los participantes y las personas que visitan el lugar. Del 11 al 18 de febrero se realizará la edicición del 2017, en la cual además, participarán músicos de electrónica como Steve Aoki y Autoerotique. Se realizará la proyección del documental Saving Bansky, sobre una de las figuras más representantes del street art.

Curado por Andrew Hosner, el evento tiene como objetivo hacer una exploración en lo que significa el arte contemporáneo.

El proyecto cuenta demás con instalaciones y un programa educativo en arte y música, con lo cual también pretenden involucrar a las personas de la localidad.

Taiwan, Israel, Singapur, Nueva Zelanda y Alemania son algunas de las naciones que han participado en el evento, que cuenta con más de 100 artistas.

En esta edición participarán Amandalyyn, Dave Van Peten, Drew Merritt, Bounce, 1010, Fafi, Kevin Lyons, entre otros.

Mural Dave Van Peter


Mural Amandalynn


Mural Drew Merritt

En épocas de cambio e incerteza, sólo el sentido de comunidad puede salvarnos de una crisis nerviosa. El arte es el pretexto perfecto para conjuntar gustos, costumbres y expresiones.


Con información de Pow! Wow!

Get ready for Pow! Wow!, one of the most important art festivals in the world

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International artists unite to create art

Text by Cristina Ochoa

Translation by Briana Prieto Fuentes

A whole week to enjoy art by any of its presentations: paintings, installations, music and cinema. All of this will happen next week in the neighborhood of Kaka’ako in Hawaii.

Pow!, the impact of art has on a person; Wow!, the reaction art provokes in the viewer; this is how festival members are defined. It has been established as one of the most important festivals internationally by the number of participating artists, the magnitude of their events and the diversity of activities.

Pow! Wow! is a gathering that honors culture and seeks to create links between the participants and the people who visit the place. From February 11th to the 18th the edition of 2017 will be made, which will include electronic musicians such as Steve Aoki and Autoerotique. In addition, the documentary Saving Banksy will be screened on one of the most representative figures of street art.

Curated by Andrew Hosner, the event aims to make an exploration into what contemporary art means. The project counts with facilities and an educational program in art and music, with which they also intend to involve people from the neighborhood.

Taiwan, Israel, Singapore, New Zealand and Germany are some of the nations that have participated in the event, which has featured more than 100 artists.

In this edition Amandalyn, Dave Van Peten, Drew Merritt, Bounce, 1010, Fafi, and Kevin Lyons will participate among others.

Mural by Dave Van Peter


Mural by Amandalynn


Mural by Drew Merritt


In times of change and uncertainty, only the sense of community can save us from a nervous breakdown. Art is the perfect excuse for combining tastes, customs and expressions.


With information from Pow! Wow!


All City Canvas Top 20 Best Murals of 2015⚡️

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Here are the Top 20 Best Murals of the year, according to All City Canvas:


20. Jonny Alexander & Aaron Glasson for ‘Iridiscence’ in Wynwood, Miami.

19. Christopher Konecki ‘Age Old Question’ in San Diego, CA.

18. SANER for Asalto Festival in Zaragoza, Spain.

17. Eversiempre for Monumentart in New York, NY.

16. Pichi&Avo for Puerto Street Art Festival in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.

15. Kevin Ledo & Fin dac in Wynwood, Miami

14. Jason Botkin for Freak Lunchbox in Halifax, Canada

13. Caratoes, Lauren YS & Tatiana Suarez in San Francisco, CA.

12. Sego for Monumentart in New York, NY.

11. El Mac & Celsoart for Monumentart in New York, NY.

10. Os Gemeos for Vilnius Street Art Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania.

9. Ella & Pitr for Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway

8. Wes21 & Onur for PangeaSeed x Urban Nation Berlin in Wynwood, Miami.

7. Faith47 for PangeaSeed’ Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans in Cozumel, Mexico.

6. Franco Fasoli JAZ & Conor Harrington for O.bra Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

5. Smithe & Case Maclaim for Pow! Wow! Hawaii x PangeaSeed in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

4. Evoca1 for Inoperable Gallery in Vienna, Austria

3. D*Face for ACC Global Series x British Council in Mexico City.

2. Alexis Diaz & Inti for O.bra Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

1. Okuda San Miguel for KAOS TEMPLE at La Iglesia del Skate in Asturias, Spain.


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