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I Don’t Scream for an Audience, I Shout at the Holy

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We had the chance to talk with Canadian artist Carlito Dalceggio about his latest exhibition ‘I Do Not Scream For An Audience, I Shout At The Holy’ at Celaya Brothers Gallery in Mexico City.

He presented a series of rebel, multidisciplinary, profoundly spiritual and
symbolic artworks. Butterfly wings, kites, peacock feathers, masks, organic motifs that
remind us of Mexican popular art with a peculiar reminiscence of Picasso’s cubism,
Rauschenberg’s abstract expressionism and Matisse’s primitivism. The explosion of color, the
energetic compositions and the liberating gesture of the strokes awaken the senses, the
instincts and the imagination.

This short story shows how Carlito sees the world and his creative process demonstrates us that he doesn’t scream for an audience, he shouts at the holy.

Dalceggio reminds us of the bohemians that Balzac and Baudelaire spoke of;
those characters with a wandering, nostalgic and cheerful existence, in search of social
regeneration; romantic revolutionaries against the system. It is all about escaping from
conformity, which is why his work is not conceived as a mise-en-scène to merely
entertain an audience, but as a ritual, a cry – of one and all – to liberate our spirits.

“The Elegant Dead”

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The renowned English artist D*Face wrapped up his first visit to Mexico where he left a magnificent “Catrina” mural as a homage to the Day of the Dead in Mexico City.

During his time in Mexico City he share with us some stories about his beginnings, he ate some ‘crickets’ tostadas’, he had the opportunity to see the traditional Altar of the Dead and visited one of the major landmarks of the city and cultural icons: Coyoacán.

Take a sit and listen up!

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