The 3 best murals of Dubai Canvas

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Jury gives artists the Dubai Canvas 3D Art Award

Text by Mónica Vázquez in collaboration with Briana Prieto F; Translation by Briana Prieto F & Paula Villanueva

Photos by Dubai Canvas

Dubai Canvas Festival was held from March 1 to 7 awarding the three best 3D artwork made at the City Walk shopping center.

This was the second edition of Dubai Canvas 3D Art Award, which recognizes the best 3D Art. The first, second and third place is awarded by a jury, but there is another prize called People’s Choice Award, where people vote and choose the artwork they liked the most.

25 artworks qualified and were evaluated according to creativity, technique, composition, design and the interpretation that the artist gave to the theme, which was happiness.

The first place went to Tony Cuboliquido, an Italian artist who has made different works around the world in 3D. In addition to his award and his work exposed at City Walk he also won a $300,000 U.S. dollars prize.

Second place and $250,000 U.S. dollars was awarded to Danila Shmelev, a Russian artist who portrayed happiness, through philosophical meanings, according to the jury.


The third place and $50,000 U.S. dollars went to Leon Keer, a Dutch artist who created an optical illusion through a street art style and technique and mathematical calculations.

As for the People’s Choice Award, the people voted for artist Tomotero Saito’s piece.

Dubai Canvas Festival fulfilled its great objective: for the people to interact with the artists and witnessed the whole creative process during the realization of the artworks.

Participating artists

All participating artists received $ 5,000 each, as well as the exhibition of their works at City Walk. So, if you ever thought being an artist wouldn’t pay off your bills you might as well re-think it, just saying.