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abril 2017

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Hot Art Summer!

The heat is on and so are artists and projects around the world! We begin in Atlanta with the latest edition of All City Canvas Global Series in conjunction with Herman Miller Cares where Italian artist Agostino Iacurci wrapped up an amazing week, imparting a 3 day workshop for kids at the Ben Hill Recreation… Continua leyendo


By the way, I am Orozco’s son

By Nicole Chaput     Whenever I come back to Mexico City, I go visit my friends on the third floor of Palacio Nacional de Bellas Artes. I sit with each one, making eye contact with all of them while listening to what these very tall friends have to say, even if it is more… Continua leyendo

ACC Network/English

Christiaan Conradie – “The Saint Maker”

We sneaked into South African artist Christiaan Conradie’s studio in Mexico City for an intimate interview to hear about the new pieces featured in his solo show in San Francisco, the story behind its title “The Saint Maker,” and the influences that Mexico has had on his body of work. Come in and discover Conradie’s… Continua leyendo



By Nicole Chaput Photos by: MariaSole Doria Chained is a group show that comments on humanity’s sense of entitlement to exploit nature and its acclaimed right to possess it in the name of progress. Due to technological advancements, mankind perceives itself as the king of the food chain, failing to consider that nature does not exist… Continua leyendo



By Nicole Chaput           It is 2015 and hopefully, we are all now familiar with Feminism. In the group exhibition Trifecta, three female artists team up to teach the world about female identity and how it is mutilated by platitudes and an oppressive society. Trifecta features the works by artists Handiedan,… Continua leyendo

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