31 Ago 15


      By Nicole Chaput [spacer height=”20px”] [spacer height=”20px”] My kids are ten but we have this mutual understanding that if I treat them as If they’re twenty, we will enjoy a rewarding environment. So when they told me they wanted to go to Disneyland for the summer to see Sleeping Beauty and eat […]
27 Ago 15

ACC TOP 10: Most Influential Women in Urban Contemporary Art 2015

Discover the All City Canvas Top 10 Most Influential Women in Urban Contemporary Art in 2015: 10. Elle 9. Indie 184 8. Miss Van 7. Hera 6. Hyuro 5. Martha Cooper 4. Olek 3. Faith47 2. Swoon 1. Maya Hayuk Share the wealth of these powerful women!
24 Ago 15

The Icon of a political nightmare

By Nicole Chaput [spacer height=”20px”] [spacer height=”20px”] My friends and I got together for lunch the other day and one of them urged for us to go see the Steve McCurry exhibit. Someone asked who he was. “You all know that photo of the Afghan girl with green eyes that appeared in the cover of […]
20 Ago 15

Banksy’s Fairy Tale

Os Gemeos are taking over NYC this summer! After collaborating with JR and Baron Andre in the streets of Manhattan and featuring their , they whipped up this amazing homage to the golden era of hip hop with a fine detail by legendary artist Doze Green. In Mexico City, artists Ever and Smithe teamed up […]
13 Ago 15

Eye Catcher

Take flight with Italian artist Hitness and his amazing project “The Image Hunter” to discover Audubon’s “Birds of America” through murals. Proyectos Unidos Mexicanos (PUM) will be landing in New York City for its first edition to feature the best of contemporary Mexico, through design, art, food, textiles and more. Os Gemeos will be making […]
17 Ago 15


By Nicole Chaput   When looking at one of those exceptional works, one begins to distill the piece. We guess what colors were combined to get that specific shade of blue and estimate the number of layers that lie beneath the surface. We read about the piece and become aware of its context to understand […]
7 Ago 15

If you haven’t already

by Nicole Chaput It is summer and it is hot. It seems that staying in watching Netflix is a better option than going out and dealing with sweat, a crowd of tourists and melting cement. But Basquiat’s work is on display and that seems like a good enough reason to leave your air conditioned room […]
6 Ago 15

Art: Reforming Youth from Brooklyn to Mexico City

In the framework of International Youth Day (IYD), we present a Short Story that is very dear to our heart because it celebrates the work of two great organizations, Cauce Ciudadano A.C. and Young New Yorkers – in Mexico City and New York respectively -, that strive not only to better the lives of young […]
4 Ago 15

Glimpse of America: RECAP

Artists 2501 and G. Matta embarked on a journey from June 15 to July 24, 2015, passing through Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Rochester, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas and many National Parks and deserts. They told their story in collaboration with All City Canvas, through these weekly glimpses they sent from the road. […]
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9 Dic 18

Anish Kapoor gana batalla legal a la NRA

El artista Anish Kapoor ganó la disputa a la Asociación Nacional del Rifle de Estados Unidos   El artista británico Anish Kapoor ganó una batalla legal a la National Rifle Association (NRA). La asociación usó una imagen de su obra escultórica Cloud Gate (2004) sin autorización. Además, se utilizó en un video que promueve un mensaje […]
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4 Dic 18

Museo de realidad aumentada en Latinoamérica

Trick Eye es el primer museo de realidad aumentada e ilusión óptica en la Ciudad de México   México es el primer país de América Latina en alojar el primer museo de realidad aumentada. En este lugar se fusiona el arte en tercera dimensión con la realidad aumentada. El Trick Eye es “un mundo de […]
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3 Dic 18

México presente en el Art Basel Miami Beach 2018

México presente como uno de los países latinos con mayor protagonismo México presente y protagonista en la séptima edición de la feria de arte contemporáneo Art Basel. Ésta se llevará a cabo del 6 al 9 de diciembre en el Miami Beach Convention Center. Después de Brasil, es el país latinoamericano con más galerías presentes. […]
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3 Dic 18

Bape y Dr. Martens lanzan botas y zapatos colaborativos

Esta nueva colaboración de Bape y Dr. Martens solo trae calzado Bape y Dr. Martens se han unido para lanzar una colección de calzado al estilo clásico de las botas. La colección consta de dos pares de zapatos y otros dos de botas en diferentes colores. Los modelos clásicos de botas de 1940 se presentan […]
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27 Nov 18

Stephen Hillenburg, creador de Bob Esponja fallece

Stephen Hillenburg creó una de las series animadas más divertidas de inicios de siglo Este martes 27 de noviembre se dió la noticia de la muerte de Stephen Hillenburg de 57 años, mejor conocido por ser el creador de la popular serie animada Bob Esponja. View this post on Instagram Thank you, Stephen Hillenburg, for […]
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27 Nov 18

Ai Weiwei construirá un templo chino en el MUAC

El artista chino Ai Weiwei celebrará los 10 años del museo con una exposición El artista Ai Weiwei inaugurará exposición el próximo 2019 en el MUAC para celebrar los diez años del museo. En la muestra instalará una reconstrucción de un templo con 400 años de historia. Se trata de un templo perteneciente a la […]