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abril 2017

ACC Network/English

Lichtenstein looking fine!

Take a spin around the world in this edition starting in Campobasso, Italy for the latest edition of the “Antonio Giordano Award for Writing and Street Art,” where artists Mr. Thoms, Zed1, Alberonero and Icks intervened amazing public and private facades of buildings in Santa Croce di Magliano. We then head to New York City… Continua leyendo

ACC Network/English

Art objects are closer than they appear

This edition of your Vlog contains 👇 The sickest murals from ▶️Nuart: Ernest Zacharevic, Ella & Pitr, Pejac and Isaac Cordal ▶️ UpNorth: Festival: Borondo and M-City ▶️ No Limit Boras: Inti, Robert Proch and Daleast ▶️ We Aart: Nychos and Agostino Iacurci Also, have you heard/seen the amazing work by Vermibus? Check out El… Continua leyendo


Turrell’s Most Ambitious Work Yet

  By Nicole Chaput The word innovation comes up frequently in the advertising world. Whether it is a promising lens, a dashing vehicle or a vain mascara, they all promise the same thing: innovation. I still find Nissan’s slogan unforgettable. But the idea of innovation, aside from being a successful sales strategy, feeds our most profound… Continua leyendo

ACC Network/Español

The Other Side

En 2011, Ciudad Juárez vive una situación de aprisionamiento por la guerra desatada contra el narcotráfico un año antes. La fotógrafa Mónica Lozano decide traer el proyecto Inside Out Project del artista francés JR a la ciudad fronteriza, para mostrar el otro rostro de Juárez, uno que no es el que muestra en las noticias.… Continua leyendo

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