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abril 2017

ACC Network/Español

Arte Descarado

Dense una vuelta por la exposición “Eterotopia” en Roma con obra de los artistas Borondo, Canemorto, Sbagliato, Edoardo Tresoldi y Jacopo Mandich. Un espacio de convivencia entre el conflicto y la contemplación. En la sección de “Art with a Twist” Enriqueta nos presenta: La última exposición del artista australiano Meggs en Thinkspace Gallery en Los… Continua leyendo


The Simulation of Time

By Nicole Chaput Youtube: home of everything ranging from cat videos to makeup tutorials to how to factor a hyperbola. In this infinite library of time, there is a video for almost anything, artworks included. Animations allow to not only look at something, but to see it breathe and exist by seeing how it floats… Continua leyendo

ACC Network/English

Twisting Art

In this edition of our vlog, check out: ☛ FriendWithYou’s largest inflatable to date for Nuit Blanche Toronto ☛ The beautiful art, music and unity that sprung from the one-year anniversary march of the disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa in Mexico City ☛ DID YOU KNOW? You can help build a virtual map… Continua leyendo

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