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abril 2017


10-Foot Dissected Sigmund Freud by Nychos in NYC

Nychos’ is preparing NYC for something big! (we couldn’t expect less). As part of his solo exhibition, IKON at the Jonathan Levine Gallery starting June 25th, Nychos’ will produce an installation of Sigmund Freud being dissected. this amazing piece (that we haven’t seen yet, but from the teaser looks amazing) will be displayed in New York… Continua leyendo


Biggest Mural ever by 2501 in Ukraine

2501 just finished a new mural in Kiev, Ukraine and its just AMAZING! The 26 storey building is the biggest the artist has ever painted. The mural is part of his Nomadic Experiment project, where he explores the interaction with the reality that can generate physical work of art. The whole mural process lasted for 4 days, working 12 hours… Continua leyendo

Masks of Courage: Defining True Identity

Brooklyn had one of the most interesting exhibitions on the night of April 28 at Gallery House “Masks of Courage: Defining True Identity” where more than 40 artworks, including paintings, photographs and installations filled the rooms of this house located in 272 Clinton Ave. The artworks were donated to raise funds for the Natalia Ponce… Continua leyendo

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