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Murals, workshops and an app are among its most outstanding activities

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BLOOP is a proactive and international art festival in Ibiza that held it seventh edition from August to September in the heart of the Spanish island. The theme of 2017 was CHANGES, which touched on the daily life as well as society.

The urban artists Ino and Spaik were back this year, despite the fact that Ino’s mural was censored last year; funnily enough the theme was Sin Miedo (Fearless).

Censored mural, Ino

Spaik created a snake in a tunnel that seeks to represent renovation for the people of Ibiza, while Ino worked on a mural that addressed global warming. These pieces are not only part of BLOOP Festival, but they’re a contribution to OpenAir.Gallery, a project that seeks to modify and give new meaning to Ibiza’s urban landscape through art.

Ino, 2017
Ino, 2017
Spaik, 2017
Ino, 2017

BLOOP Festival launched the Uncensored App, which not only shows Ino’s censored mural from last year, but allows users to intervene the piece by painting it virtually and sharing it on social media. The app was created to troll the authorities that censored the mural and demand freedom of speech.

Octa por Spino

BLOOP Festival started with The Fiesta Kick, an exhibition that presents different installations in each edition. This year the activity featured BLOOP resident Lo Spino’s video mapping and the audio installations Dizzconnected live by Digital Genetic Pasta and Daniel Kurniczak, as well as Cloud, also by Kurniczak.

Clouds, por Daniel Kurniczak

Another activity that attracted visitors’ attention was BLOOP KIDS, which are workshops for children that introduce them to music through skoogs, a cubic and tactile device that works like an electronic instrument.

Colors in the Middle por Biokip Atelier

BLOOP Festival’s 8th edition will take place from August to September 2018 and is planning to visit different cities and islands around the world.

Bloop Kids

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