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21 Ene 18

Pictures On Walls announces its closure

The gallery has refused to continue producing art as “another marketable commodity” Pictures On Walls (POW), London’s gallery and print house known for being the first to own Banksy’s prints, as well as produce, promote and distribute works of now renowned urban artists, has announced that it will cease operations on January 22 of this […]
17 Dic 17

The best of BLOOP Festival 2017 ??

Murals, workshops and an app are among its most outstanding activities BLOOP is a proactive and international art festival in Ibiza that held it seventh edition from August to September in the heart of the Spanish island. The theme of 2017 was CHANGES, which touched on the daily life as well as society. The urban […]
8 Dic 17

5Pointz wins the first case that protects graffiti under federal law

The verdict could lead to laws that protect urban artists all over the United States On November 8, a jury declared the real estate agent Jerry Wolkoff guilty of destroying a swath of graffiti by 23 artists on the legendary 5Pointz building in New York. The jury decided that the pieces are protected by the […]
4 Dic 17

Sten Lex completes the world’s largest stencil artwork in Mexico

The art piece is part of DistritoTec, an urban regeneration project in Monterrey The Italian artist duo Sten Lex completed their latest piece Digital Landscape, the first-ever intervention of the Luis Elizondo Auditorium, the cultural hub of the renowned Tecnológico de Monterrey University. Their intervention is considered the world’s largest stencil artwork, covering 4,000 m2 […]
21 Nov 17

Vandal With Care: an exhibition featuring painting, sculpture and consumption

The show is a satire about consumerism in our society VANDAL WITH CARE, a show that features artworks by artists Charlie McFarley and Tacot, opened last November 17 at Underdog Gallery in London. The event exhibits sculptures, paintings and art installations that represent a satirical vision of consumption in our society, where programmed obsolescence is […]
Exhibiciones Festivales
19 Nov 17

Nuart RAD: Nuart’s new project in Oslo

The project included pieces by Isaac Cordal and will offer conferences, workshops and film projections Nuart has a new art project. It’s called Nuart RAD (River Art District) and it started in July in Oslo with the participation of the Spanish artist Isaac Cordal. The project celebrates the diversity of the four neighborhoods of the city […]
12 Nov 17

The Rise of Graffitti Writing: a series on the emergence of street art

The documentary series will dig into the rise of graffiti and its history over the last five decades Red Tower Films, a freelance company that focuses on short films, and Art Creative, a French digital platform that produces and  broadcasts art content, will release The Rise of Graffiti Writing, a documentary series that merges the […]
5 Nov 17

Revolutions per minute: celebrating 12 years of Nuart Festival

Nuart Festival and Nuart Gallery will have an exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London in 2018 Nuart Festival is one of the most important urban art events in the world. It gathers 10 national and international artists annually to collaborate on non-legal and legal practices in public places. It also has an art gallery in […]
29 Oct 17

The 6th Urban Art Festival in Amsterdam comes to an end

The festival featured The Art of Painting, an exhibition that presented artworks by guest artists Urban Art Festival in Amsterdam opened on October 18 with some 45 national and international guests attending. The participating artists included Artez from Serbia, Paola Delfín form Mexico, Remy Uno form France and Bifido from Italy. The festival featured The […]
23 Oct 17

The most outstanding activities of Nuart Festival 2017

Exhibitions, film projections, workshops, seminars and street art tours were some of the activities The 12th edition of  Nuart Festival took place in Stavenger, Norway, from September 2  to October 15 , with the participation of 12 international artists. The festival opened with a multimedia presentation of Vermibus’ anti-advertising movement, where he disfigured ads placed […]
17 Oct 17

Smithe and Pogo from Copete Cohete design billboards for Tequila Pueblo Viejo ?

The campaign promotes the values and traditions of the Hispanic community in the US With more than 10 years of experience in the American market, Tequila Pueblo Viejo is launching a campaign designed by the Mexico studio Copete Cohete, founded by artists Smithe and Pogo, which aligns with the essence of the brand:  to foster […]
12 Ago 17

Documentary series explores the relationship between urban stickers and skateboarding

Stick to it, the first documental about urban stickers has released its second episode, the bond between stickers and skateboarding Translation by Andros Pineda in collaboration with Paula Villanueva In four episodes, this project narrates the history of urban stickers featuring acclaimed artists, musicians and designers, dedicated to this discipline. The director Alexis Deforges, wanted […]
1 Ago 17

Felipe Pantone and Saner reunited at art festival in the U.S.

The artists prepared their pieces for The Unexpected Felipe Pantone and Saner presented at the third edition of The Unexpected, art exhibition curated by JUSTKIDS, presented in Fort Smith, Arkansas, from July 23 through 30, which focuses on bringing participative and interdisciplinary art to the region. Mexican artist Saner, in collaboration with AEC from the well-known duo Iteresni Kazki, were created a mural. […]
28 Jul 17

Said Dokins paints Munich’s largest mural

The Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art in Munich commissioned the mural entitled Chalchihuite  Chalchihuite is the name of Munich’s largest mural, made by Mexican artist and calligrapher Said Dokins, commissioned by the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA). Located in the heart of Munich, the mural refers to a mystical idea of protection […]
22 Jul 17

Mexican artists featured alongside Banksy in Europe

Benuz and Juandrés Vera will show their work in Munich and Stockholm, together with Banksy and more than 50 artists Translation by Andros Pineda in collaboration with Paula Villanueva Pieces of art made by Benuz, regarded as a graffiti pioneer in Mexico, and Juandrés Vera, an urban artist whose work plays with viewer’s perspective, will […]
22 Jul 17

Text this number and you’ll get an artwork in response

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art made available the entirety of its collection via text message Translation by Andros Pineda in collaboration with Paula Villanueva The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) has a new service that will provide you with a work of art according to your preferences. All you have to […]
14 Jul 17

Grenoble celebrated its first street art movie festival

The festival showcased over 30 street art-themed films Translation by Andros Pineda in collaboration with Paula Villanueva For the first time since its creation in 2015, Grenoble Street Art Fest established a film festival dedicated to showcase street art-themed films exclusively. The festival is a French celebration of street art’s multiple disciplines, such as collage, […]
10 Jul 17

The Latin American artists participating in Bloop Festival will turn the island into a gallery

Bloop Festival project Text by Mónica Vázquez Translation by Briana Prieto F. in collaboration with Paula Villanueva BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival is considered one of the most important cultural events in the world and has also positioned itself as a relevant festival in the urban art scene due to its programs and activities of […]
Entrevistas Festivales
22 Jun 17

Interview with Ola Volo at Mural Festival 2017: multiculturalism and history✍✌

“When I am creating my work, I like to think about places, people, buildings” Ola Volo is a Canadian illustrator. Her distinctive style is drawn from history, multiculturalism, and folklore. Animals, people, nature, and architecture are principal topics in her work and her creation in articulating diverse stories and symbolism between them. The artist has […]
Editors' Picks
16 Ago 19

Ilustradores eróticos para romper tabúes artísticos

El equipo de ACC ha creado una lista de ilustradores eróticos para seguir de aquí en adelante El team ACC ha realizado una pequeña lista de ilustradores eróticos para llevar el arte a otro nivel. Ya que la situación con los tabúes y la forma de ver la sexualidad aún se encuentra muy marcada en […]
16 Ago 19

Need for Speed con nuevo juego para este año

Para esta nueva edición de Need for Speed se prepara mayor apertura para creatividad del usuario Need for Speed, el videojuego de carreras está de regreso a las consolas y llegará el próximo 8 de noviembre. Ésta vez contará con un modo de conducción más profundo y el entorno será más urbano. Después del lanzamiento […]
Electrónica Hip-hop Rock Musica
16 Ago 19

Remixes por Mad Professor para Mezzanine

Massive Attack sigue celebrando 20 años de Mezzanine, ahora con remixes por Mad Professor Massive Attack ha anunciado un disco de remixes por Mad Professor para su clásico Mezzanine. Este material estará disponible a partir del 20 de septiembre y promete ser un viaje sonoro total. El nombre de este nuevo material es Massive Attack […]
16 Ago 19

Madeleine Pfull y la vida de la mujer adulta en pintura

Las pinturas humanas de Madeleine Pfull pueden funcionar como una guía de vida Madeleine Pfull es una artista con base en Sydney que muestra la vida adulta de las mujeres mediante pinturas. Todo esto con un estilo de realismo que tiene sellos muy particulares y hacen a cada obra algo intrínseco. A comparación de lo […]
16 Ago 19

Superhéroes con poca ropa en contra del sexismo

Shreya Arora ilustra a los superhéroes en su mood más sexy Los superhéroes siempre han sido un símbolo de poder y heroísmo detrás de una identidad común, pero ¿se imaginan ver a Spider Man en poca ropa? Esto fue posible gracias al lápiz de Shreya Arora, una estudiante de arte procedente de la India quien hizo […]
Rock Musica
16 Ago 19

Coctel Intergaláctico, un poco de retro y rock

Conoce la propuesta de Coctel Intergaláctico, algo retro, psicodélico y con synth-pop Coctel Intergaláctico es una propuesta de rock originaria de la Ciudad de México con un sonido muy bailable. Este año han presentado dos sencillos Delirios y Dejame Dormir, ambos con sus respectivos videos oficiales. Su carrera ya tiene una historia que podríamos comenzar […]