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10 Latin American artists you need to watch

Courtesy: Ledania

10 Latin American artists you need to watch

From Mexico to Patagonia, check out the work of these Latin American

It’s time to look south and see that the artistic talent hides (or we haven’t been paying enough attention to it) in Latin American countries. Talented artists with interesting proposals. For this reason, ALL CITY CANVAS selected 10 Latin American artists to support local talent.

Ledania (Colombia)

With a background in Visual Arts, Ledania creates complex, colorful murals with a touch of magic. Diana Ordoñez’s paintings are found in Chapinero, a town in Bogota, Colombia. In addition to urban art, Ledania works with photography, graphic design, as well as advertising. In case you were wondering: her pseudonym is a mix between the character from the Greek mythology, Leda —who was seduced by Zeus— and her first name, Diana.

street art mural by Ledania
Courtesy: Ledania
street art mural by Ledania
Courtesy: Ledania

Gris One (Colombia)

“The artwork is yours while you’re creating it. Once you’re done, it belongs to everyone, or no one, or to the streets, or to the people who have it on a canvas.” Colombian artist Gris One’s work is characterized by typographies among abstract geometric planes. Thus, his paintings and murals evoke the strength of nature and the chaos of the metropolis.

street art mural by Gris One
Courtesy: Gris One
street art mural by Gris One
Courtesy: Gris One

Facebook: Gris One Art  Instagram: @grisone

Yurika Uno (Colombia)

He has painted the walls of Bogota for over 12 years. As a result, he believes that graffiti “is an excuse to move along the street and escape the dullness of reality.” He is a Graphic Designer from Los Libertadores University; currently he belongs to MDCrew; additionally, he is part of the Vertigo Graffiti collective, with whom he painted the highest wall in Bogota in July 2013.

Latin American street art
Courtesy: Yurika Uno
Latin American street art
Courtesy: Yurika Uno

Facebook: Yurika mdc Twitter: @Yurikauno

JB (Mexico)

The themes of his work range from nature to humanity. Specifically, he uses several layers of paint, giving his pieces a very characteristic touch. With a range of colors composed mostly of pastels, JB’s work will mesmerize you.

street art mural by JB in Playa del Carmen Mexico
Courtesy: JB
Courtesy: JB

Tumblr: JB’s Tumblr

Decertor (Peru)

Painter and muralist, Decertor is one of the most renowned Peruvian artists. His artworks are known for his use of Peruvian iconographies, as well as a style between abstraction and realism. Additionally, Daniel Cortéz Torres has great use of soft colors and pastel hues.

street art mural by Decertor
Courtesy: Decertor
street art mural by Decertor
Courtesy: Decertor

Franco Fasoli JAZ (Argentina)

In the 90s, he was one of the pioneers who painted the streets of Buenos Aires. Throughout his career, he has painted murals in Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Austria, Turkey, among many others. His characteristic style includes clear backgrounds on which he portrays conflicts, references to popular culture and local Latin American traditions.

street art mural by Franco Fasoli
Courtesy: Franco Fasoli
Latin American street art
Courtesy: Franco Fasoli

Facebook: Franco Fasoli JAZ Website:

Letop (Colombia)

His murals, paintings and drawings are flooded with nature and its connection to human beings. Andrés Pedroza Salas, also known as Letop, creates by channeling all his energy towards a specific object: mural art. For instance, his murals respond to the feeling of omnipotence that man has experienced since the beginning of industrialization.

Latin American street artist Letop
Courtesy: Letop

Spaik (Mexico)

The Mexican artist finds inspiration in Latin America as well as its folklore to create colorful works, with references to the region’s local stories. He has painted murals in Mexico, as well as Central and South America.

Latin American street art
Courtesy: Spaik
Latin American street artists
Courtesy: Spaik

Facebook: Spaik Website:

Bastardilla (Colombia)

Characters from fantasy tales with immersive looks and intimate places make up the work of this Colombian artist. Additionally, on the walls she creates, there are stories of walking characters, primarily found in daily life.

street art by Bastardilla
Courtesy: Bastardilla

Website: Facebook: Bastardilla

Entes y Pésimo (Peru)

After more than fifteen years of painting walls, they’ve developed a unique style with their stroke, drawings, color and composition. Moreover, their pieces are completely influenced by their city, Lima. In fact, one of their most outstanding pieces is a mural painted on 12-meter containers.

Latin American street artist you need to watch
Courtesy: Entes y Pésimo
street art mural by Entes y Pésimo
Courtesy: Entes y Pésimo
street art mural by Entes y Pésimo
Mural by Entes y Pésimo

Written by Luis Palomares
Translated by Paula Villanueva

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