Art Exhibitions
17 hours ago

Art Madrid 2020 presents its program

The best in video art, new media and action art in this edition of Art Madrid 2020 The activities of Art Madrid 2020 have officially started. If you plan to fly to the Motherland, or you’re already there, we give you tips on what to see at the event. Cutting edge artworks and lectures In […]
Art Street Art
17 Feb 20

Mr. Brainwash will open a museum in Los Angeles

Mr. Brainwash will open a space to feature art free of charge The street artist Mr. Brainwash will open a museum this summer in Los Angeles. The space will be dedicated to free and public art, as well as to exhibit new artists’ work. According to The Art Newspaper, the artist closed a deal with […]
ACC Network Music
17 Feb 20

Banda MS and Snoop Dogg confirm concert together

After several videos singing solo, a meeting, and lots of rumors later, la Banda MS and Snoop Dogg confirm concert in California La Banda MS and Snoop Dogg have been in talks for a long time. In fact, we give you the rumors that are circulating and how today their collaboration came to light! The […]
ACC Network Streetwear Sneakers
10 Feb 20

In-N-Out Burger releases its own sneakers

New sneakers by In-N-Out Burger are inspired by their soft drink cups The restaurant chain In-N-Out Burger has released a pair of sneakers inspired by its soft drink cups. Unfortunately, they will only be available in the restaurant’s online store and two key locations in California. It’s worth mentioning that this is not the first […]
Street Art grafiiti
10 Feb 20

Bliss Walls, conscientious murals in Sao Paulo

The artists behind Bliss Walls share messages through their murals to create awareness in society Bliss Walls is a trio of graffiti and mural artists with various styles unified in their pieces. Their murals are mainly located in Sao Paulo and reflect the cultural diversity of Brazil. Anderson da Silva Pereira, Cassio Roberto Soares, and […]
Street Art grafiiti
7 Feb 20

The pioneers of graffiti you need to know

The history of graffiti could not be written without the creations made by the pioneers of this movement The 1970s and 1980s were undoubtedly the decades where graffiti was one of the strong pillars of the hip-hop movement. Indeed, when talking about graffiti, it’s essential to refer to the fearless pioneers who took a spray […]
Art Street Art Photography
5 Feb 20

JR portrays the faces of more than 1000 locals in New York

In this new piece, JR portrays the different visions of living in a concrete jungle The Chronicles of New York City is the new piece where JR portrays the reality of the Big Apple. The piece located in Williamsburg’s Domino Park captures the lives of more than 1000 locals. After Chronicles and his gigantic piece […]
Exhibitions Street Art grafiiti
5 Feb 20

BMW and Futura prepare a luxury car edition

To all cars and street art fans, check out BMW and Futura’s proposal Currently, the formula that combines street art and luxury brands is creating interesting proposals; it’s BMW and Futura’s turn to present three exclusive custom cars. The pieces by the iconic artist and the car manufacturer will be revealed at the Frieze Art […]
ACC Network Streetwear Sneakers
4 Feb 20

J Balvin’s Jordans, what we know so far

After his brief appearance at the Super Bowl, news of J Balvin’s Jordans commercial release was announced Undoubtedly the Super Bowl LIV’s halftime brought surprises and a clear one was the news of J Balvin’s Jordan launch. According to the singer’s social networks, they will be released in July as an official collaboration. Another surprise […]
ACC Network Streetwear Sneakers
4 Feb 20

Superstar with Run-DMC, the latest by adidas

A collaboration of the Adidas Superstar silhouette is cooking with Run-DMC Adidas celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Superstar silhouette with Run-DMC, just as it did in 2005. The only difference is that this new release will have a three-color variation: black, white and red. Without a doubt, one of the models of sneakers when […]
ACC Network Art Exhibitions
21 Jan 20

Urvanity Art: the 4th edition of the contemporary art fair opens soon

Urvanity Art unveiled the galleries that will be participating. Check out the line-up! This 2020, Urvanity Art offers a lot of contemporary art to captivate its audience. We give you all the details about this event, which will be held at the Official College of Architects of Madrid from February 27 to March 1. This […]
Street Art grafiiti
12 Jan 20

Mr. Brainwash, the hybrid graffiti artist

The urban artist Mr. Brainwash rose to fame after the iconic street art documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop Thierry Guette, better known in the world of street art as Mr. Brainwash, is a French artist that landed in the world of street art by accident. His beginnings date back to 1999 when he was […]
Uncategorized ACC Network Streetwear Sneakers
10 Jan 20

The most anticipated sneakers of 2020

We bring you a list of the most anticipated sneakers of 2020 to be in! To start the year on the right foot and start saving, we bring you the most anticipated sneakers of 2020. So, you know how it goes, take note! sacai x Nike LDWaffle A model that undoubtedly revolutionized 2019 was the […]
ACC Network Streetwear
9 Jan 20

New MMXX Sweatshirt drop by All City Canvas

Check out the guidelines! Because you can be the winner of one of our new MMXX Sweatshirt drop At All City Canvas we’rea heading full on into 2020; and as part of the news, we give you the new MMXX Sweatshirt drop, which is already available in our online store 555-8888 for only $850 pesos. […]
9 Jan 20

Penis Man, the mysterious graffiti invading Arizona

Who the hell is Penis Man? That is the million-dollar question! There are many graffiti and street art phenomena that come up anonymously on the streets of the world; Penis Man is one of them, where no one saw or acknowledged its existence except through tags. Thus, the people of Tempe, in Arizona, discovered a […]
Blog Editors' Picks en Skateboard
7 Jan 20

The best skateboarding tricks to practice

Here’s a selection of some of the best, jaw-dropping skate tricks Going out with a board to master the asphalt with your best skateboarding tricks is something that many skaters do. And obviously, at All City Canvas we’re fanaatics of seeing the stunts and footwork. Whether it be from a very high ramp, bowls, sidewalks, […]
Art Design
7 Jan 20

Vogue Italy launches cover made by Final Fantasy illustrator

Yoshitaka Amano is one of the illustrators who created one of the covers for Vogue Italy in the January issue Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, the Final Fantasy artist, released a special cover for Vogue Italy. Hence, confirming that the world of video games and the fashion industry are not as distant as we thought. This cover […]
Art Photography
7 Jan 20

Women on Sofas, photographs out of comfort

Ruby Steele explores the role of contemporary Western women in Women on Sofas Thus, Women on Sofas is the name of a photo series by British artist Ruby Steele. The concept of her work is the role of women in contemporary Western society, approached in an experimental way. This series arises out of curiosity from […]
Art Culture
6 Jan 20

Man was arrested after damaging a Picasso

The iconic artist’s piece was torn, however, the man who caused the damage was arrested The Tate Modern houses the painting “Bust of a Woman” by renowned Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. However, last Saturday it suffered an attack by a man who was arrested for alleged vandalism. The person involved is a 20-year-old man who […]
Graffiti Street Art
25 Dec 19

Scaf and his 3D street art portals

His mastery of perspective, lights, and shadows are the skills that make Scaf a unique graffiti artist Undoubtedly, Realism is rather complex to achieve in graffiti. More so, to master a 3D piece. However, Scaf is one of the few artists that can achieve pieces that literally spring out of the walls. Originally from France, […]
ACC Network Streetwear Sneakers
15 Dec 19

The best sneaker collaborations with the coolest artists

We bring you a curated list of the best sneaker collaborations with the most relevant artists by the All City Canvas team We bring you a selection of the best sneaker collaborations with artists. Check out the exclusive models that you should definitely consider having in your closet. Take note! Vans x Takashi Murakami Takashi […]
ACC Network Gaming
12 Dec 19

The remake of Resident Evil 3 is a reality

The remake of Resident Evil 3 was officially announced in State of Play 2019 It’s official, the rumors are dead! The remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is a reality! Its release is set for March 2020 for its 20th anniversary. After presenting the remake of Resident Evil 2 in early 2019 and Project Resistance, […]
Books Art
12 Dec 19

The Paper, a new book by Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann advocates for freedom of information in The Paper The illustrator Christoph Niemann released his book The Paper, a publication that celebrates the joy of reading newspapers and magazines. It also seeks to support Reporters Without Borders, an organization that promotes freedom of information. For Niemann, the significance of freedom of information in the […]
Arte callejero Street Art grafiiti
10 Dec 19

Escif’s anti-establishment street art directly from Valencia

Escif’s identity has been a mystery for more than 20 years It was in the late 90s when the streets of Valencia were lined up with small minimalist murals. At first glance, they tried to communicate something. Here is where Escif’s work began. Thus, protest, satire, and subversive messages began to invade the Valencian streets. […]
ACC Network Streetwear
10 Dec 19

Chinatown Market and Converse join Batman’s celebration

Batman’s 80th anniversary comes with new clothes by Chinatown Market and Converse Chinatown Market and Converse launched a small collection to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Dark Knight. They include a few graphic T-shirts and a retro-styled Chuck 70 Hi tennis. This collection is one of the last of the year and celebrates the […]
Street Art grafiiti
10 Dec 19

Seher One and the new Mexican muralism

Seher One’s work explores color and surrealism From the capital of the country emerges the work of Seher One, a muralist and graphic designer, whose curiosity for visual culture goes way back to his childhood. Motivated to learn more about urban art, the artist studied Design and Visual Communication at the School of Visual Arts […]
TV Series
9 Dec 19

Andy Warhol will have a documentary series

It’s not all about pop art! Andy Warhol will have a series on his life Ryan Murphy, creator of hit series like Glee and The Politician just gave us some good news: the artist Andy Warhol will have his own series. And of course, he will be in charge of bringing to our screens a […]
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Blog Editors' Picks en Skateboard
7 Jan 20

The best skateboarding tricks to practice

Here’s a selection of some of the best, jaw-dropping skate tricks Going out with a board to master the asphalt with your best skateboarding tricks is something that many skaters do. And obviously, at All City Canvas we’re fanaatics of seeing the stunts and footwork. Whether it be from a very high ramp, bowls, sidewalks, […]
Art Exhibitions Editors' Picks en Street Art
21 Nov 19

Vulture drawing appears in Baja California

The drawing of a vulture appeared inside a huge crater! The Cierro Prieto volcano is located 30 km Southeast of Mexicali, in Baja California. Check out the vulture drawing below. Members of the Amerindian Cucapá tribe live in that region; they settled near the US border. The most peculiar detail is that the vulture is […]
Art Design Editors' Picks en Interviews Special Coverage
20 Nov 19

Gary Baseman interview at Cut Out Fest

One of the main guests of the 11th edition was the multifaceted Gary Baseman From start to finish, he proved he was born to draw, because, mid-interview, he sat on the floor, pulled out a notebook from his backpack, colored pencils, and started drawing. For those who don’t know his work, this is the perfect […]
Blog Films Editors' Picks en
3 Sep 19

Havana Skate Days, the documentary about the Cuban skaters

The young Cuban skaters who are building the skate movement with their own means, that is Havana Skate Days Directed by Kristofer Ríos, the documentary Havana Skate Days portrays the hardships of practicing the sport on the Caribbean island. This film mainly depicts the demands of groups of young skaters to the Cuban government to […]
Editors' Picks en Street Art grafiiti
22 Aug 19

Odeith and his realistic 3D muralism

We give you a short list of the best Odeith murals so far this year A few days ago, urban artist Odeith became even more popular on social media thanks to an intervention. In this he made a destroyed bus with his already well-known realistic 3D technique, breaking it as he knows how to do […]
Blog Arte callejero Editors' Picks en
18 Mar 19

10 Latin American artists you need to watch

From Mexico to Patagonia, check out the work of these Latin American It’s time to look south and see that the artistic talent hides (or we haven’t been paying enough attention to it) in Latin American countries. Talented artists with interesting proposals. For this reason, ALL CITY CANVAS selected 10 Latin American artists to support […]