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All City Canvas unveils new drop “Be Happy”

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All City Canvas’s new drop is a reflection of new happiness in times of pandemic

The future caught up to us. When we thought that what we saw in science fiction was just a figment of our imagination, 2020 came to remind us that new happiness is uncertain. From this idea, All City Canvas presents this new streetwear drop called Be Happy which you’ll find here.

Courtesy: ACC

It’s a few T-shirts that have psychedelic elements in their design. Thus, the iconic smiley face of the LSD paintings of the 80s and all the paraphernalia around acid festivals and raves. Hence, the icon appears with a “melted” effect to create that synaesthetic effect.

Courtesy: ACC

Around it, the words “Street Culture” make reference to all the spaces that have acquired a new narrative regarding that false happiness which we live in nowadays in confinement, behind the screen of our computers or cell phones. Without losing that street touch that characterizes our collections, of course.

Courtesy: ACC

Furthermore, for this release, there is also an item for the little ones, in black and pink. Additionally, for adults, there is a combination of white and green. Also, a wide variety of sizes ranging from size S to 4 XL and for children from 2 to 5 years old will be available.

Courtesy: ACC

The Be Happy collection is a way to celebrate the new happiness that is here to stay in a world that looks quite psychedelic itself. The awakening of a trip and the new adventure that the immediate future holds. Finally, this drop is already in our online store 555-8888.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

Fernando Huacuz

Ciudad de México, 1988- En búsqueda constante de urdimbres visuales y narrativas en espacios públicos y privados. Arte, cultura y rocksteady un must.

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