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Street Art
2 Dec 19

JR creates huge mural in US prison

French artist JR raises awareness and humanizes the situation of inmates in a prison in Tehachapi, California Chronicles, JR‘s new installation intrigued us last month with its narrative and the way it shows the artist’s career, from its beginnings. JR created Tehachapi, his newest piece. Jean René, also known as JR, created a giant mural […]
Books Design
28 Nov 19

Illustrated book of recycled paper becomes a miniature garden

If watered, this illustrated book made with recycled paper grows small plants and teaches children about the importance of waiting patiently The Boy Who Could Not Wait is a handcrafted and interactive illustrated book made from 100% recycled paper, as well as hand-stitched. It is a “magic book” which —if watered with water— turns into […]
Books Street Art Photography Spanish
6 Nov 19

Banksy Captured: the photo book of the artist by Steve Lazarides

Unpublished photographs of the artist’s work make up Banksy Captured by Steve Lazarides, who worked with him for over a decade as his agent Steve Lazarides, Banksy’s gallerist, photographer and former manager, launched Banksy Captured. The book reveals photographs of the British artist who he represented for over ten years. In it, he shows unpublished […]
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8 Oct 19

Mathew Zefeldt arrives to Mexico with ‘Vistas’ exhibition

Mathew Zefeldt ‘s exhibition is inspired by the Grand Theft Auto V video game and you can see it at Celaya Brothers Gallery Following the union of Celaya Brothers Gallery and All City Canvas, we are excited to announce Mathew Zefeldt ‘s arrival in Mexico. As he does so with Vistas, an incredible exhibition in […]
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29 Aug 19

What is CBD: the basics and its recreational benefits

Currently, there is a trend to treat diseases with CBD and we are here to tell you what it is and what its effects are “What is CBD?” “Is it as good as they say to relieve discomfort?” or “Will I get high if I consume it?” You’ve asked yourself these questions or eventually will, […]
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28 Aug 19

What is THC and why does its use cause so much controversy

What is THC and is it healthy for those who consume it If you are reading this, like us —before writing this article— you are not sure what THC is. Is THC in the marijuana plant, or is it just a type of plant? Maybe is it used to treat diseases? Is it legal? If […]
Blog Films Skateboard
22 Aug 19

Skater girls in India break gender stereotypes

Vans campaign and award-winning video share the story of a group of skater girls in India breaking stereotypes In 2018, Vans created a campaign with Indian skater girls that charmed lovers of the sport. But above all, women who felt identified with the topic: breaking gender stereotypes through skateboarding. According to some articles, India is […]
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25 Jul 19

CBD Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s Could Make It Come True

The US company Ben & Jerry’s announced its desire to make CBD ice cream as soon as it is fully legalized In May of this year, Ben & Jerry’s made public their intention to create a CBD ice cream! They said they “can’t wait to get into the latest food trend with cannabidiol.” It should […]
Blog English Art
7 Mar 19

The black acrylic paint Anish Kapoor can’t use

Black 3.0 is a black acrylic paint that absorbs between 98 and 99% of visible light; everyone can buy it, except Anish Kapoor Black acrylic paint is super black thanks to Stuart Semple and Black 3.0. You apply it with the basic tools that we know: brush or paintbrush, spray or roller. Notedly, the invention […]
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Art Exhibitions
17 hours ago

Art Madrid 2020 presents its program

The best in video art, new media and action art in this edition of Art Madrid 2020 The activities of Art Madrid 2020 have officially started. If you plan to fly to the Motherland, or you’re already there, we give you tips on what to see at the event. Cutting edge artworks and lectures In […]
Art Street Art
17 Feb 20

Mr. Brainwash will open a museum in Los Angeles

Mr. Brainwash will open a space to feature art free of charge The street artist Mr. Brainwash will open a museum this summer in Los Angeles. The space will be dedicated to free and public art, as well as to exhibit new artists’ work. According to The Art Newspaper, the artist closed a deal with […]
ACC Network Music
17 Feb 20

Banda MS and Snoop Dogg confirm concert together

After several videos singing solo, a meeting, and lots of rumors later, la Banda MS and Snoop Dogg confirm concert in California La Banda MS and Snoop Dogg have been in talks for a long time. In fact, we give you the rumors that are circulating and how today their collaboration came to light! The […]
ACC Network Streetwear Sneakers
10 Feb 20

In-N-Out Burger releases its own sneakers

New sneakers by In-N-Out Burger are inspired by their soft drink cups The restaurant chain In-N-Out Burger has released a pair of sneakers inspired by its soft drink cups. Unfortunately, they will only be available in the restaurant’s online store and two key locations in California. It’s worth mentioning that this is not the first […]
Street Art grafiiti
10 Feb 20

Bliss Walls, conscientious murals in Sao Paulo

The artists behind Bliss Walls share messages through their murals to create awareness in society Bliss Walls is a trio of graffiti and mural artists with various styles unified in their pieces. Their murals are mainly located in Sao Paulo and reflect the cultural diversity of Brazil. Anderson da Silva Pereira, Cassio Roberto Soares, and […]
Street Art grafiiti
7 Feb 20

The pioneers of graffiti you need to know

The history of graffiti could not be written without the creations made by the pioneers of this movement The 1970s and 1980s were undoubtedly the decades where graffiti was one of the strong pillars of the hip-hop movement. Indeed, when talking about graffiti, it’s essential to refer to the fearless pioneers who took a spray […]