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2 Sep 19

Diadora launches official Rick and Morty sneakers

This Diadora collection shows two different models inspired by Rick and Morty Diadora has teamed up with Rick and Morty to launch two official pairs of sneakers from the Adult Swim animated series. Each pair is based on the physical appearances of each of the main characters. Rick’s pair is inspired by his outfit, based […]
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7 Mar 19

The Museum of the Dog opens in New York

The Museum of the Dog will house sections of famous artists dedicated to canine art in New York It’s official! The Museum of the Dog is moving to New York City! And it will open on February 8, providing a space for our furry friends; surely a treat! This dog museum will have fun themes […]
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7 Mar 19

The Bauhaus bus hits 4 cities in the world

The Bauhaus bus is 161.46 sq. feet mobile building promoting the principles of the art school “Wohnmaschine” or “living house” is the name given to the Bauhaus bus, a 161.46 sq. feet mobile building that is ready to hit various cities. The piece is a replica of part of the school workshop in Dessau, Germany. […]
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6 Mar 19

The top 5 streetwear brands

ACC’s list of the top 5 streetwear brands: the alt fashion Rebel, unique and different are adjectives of streetwear brands and fashion. Born between the 80s and 90s, it was a movement spearheaded by youngsters searching for their own style. Inspired by the context they were living in, their biggest influences were specifically skateboarding, graffiti, […]
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5 Mar 19

The essence of punk in 5 documentaries

From Raw Punk to Punk Rock, the essence of punk in 5 documentaries Punk is a social movement that boomed in 1970s Britain. From there, it expanded worldwide through its music, fashion and ideals. This movement is based on protesting against the guidelines set forth by society, as well as the rebelliousness of the individuals […]
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1 Mar 19

Download classic comics at the Digital Comic Museum

The digital museum houses a collection of classic, copyright free comics that can be downloaded The Digital Comic Museum (DCM) is the digital museum with the largest collection of copyright free comic books on the Internet. Many believe that comics are for children or teenagers. The large selection that the DCM has got adults hooked […]
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1 Mar 19

Belgian artist Carsten Höller at Museo Tamayo

The Belgian artist Carsten Höller’s artworks will be exhibited at the Mexico City museum The Belgian artist Carsten Höller presents Hallucinations in Mexico this year. It is a theme park created with transparencies, confusing objects and rotating rooms. It will surely be a unique experience for every visitor. Carsten Höller is a Belgian-German artist born […]
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28 Feb 19

The Cheetos Museum has all kinds of cheetos

The Cheetos Museum sprung from a marketing campaign It all started with a very creative digital campaign; the Cheetos Museum shows how there are no two Cheetos alike, gathering all kinds of peculiarly shaped Cheetos in one space. The creatives behind the campaign are Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P). FYI, we talked about them in […]
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28 Feb 19

The best murals in Mexico City

We give you: the best murals in Mexico City! All City Canvas set out to bring you a selection of the best murals in Mexico City so you can plan your weekend outing. You’ll find the locations of each mural at the end of their description. The list includes a selection of walls by local as […]
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1 Feb 19

Jimi Hendrix illustrated by the artist Moebius

Jimi Hendrix immortalized in Moebius’ illustrations Moebius is an illustrator and creator of the series Electric Emotions. Namely, he depicts the musical environment of the rock icon, Jimi Hendrix. As a result, a psychedelic cocktail made of 60’s rock and roll and illustration emerges. Hendrix’s career, as well as his LSD “experimentation,” not only changed the rock […]
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21 Jun 16

Mural Festival 2016: Walking through Montreal’s street art

A tour of the best of the Mural Festival 2016 By: Andrés Medina / @delabuena In Mural Festival we discover that the world of street art is growing by the minute. This cultural movement is getting stronger and more prestigious around the world. The most representative and famous artists of street art are doing their […]
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28 Mar 16

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans, a recap by All City Canvas

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans in New Zealand aims to raise awareness about the plight of the ocean All City Canvas had the opportunity to be a part of the latest edition of PangeaSeed Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans festival in Napier, New Zealand and we have an exclusive video recap of what happened down […]
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15 Mar 16

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans at The Idea Collective x MOTAT in Auckland, New Zealand

PangeaSeed Foundation, in collaboration with the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) and Alternative Arts Initiative wrapped it up its first satellite event in Auckland to precede the first-ever Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans public art project to be hosted in the coastal town of Napier, New Zealand. During the first week of March 2016, four internationally renowned PangeaSeed Foundation […]
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3 Mar 16

Carlito Dalceggio: I Don’t Scream for an Audience, I Shout at the Holy

Interview with Canadian artist Carlito Dalceggio for All City Canvas We had the chance to talk with Canadian artist Carlito Dalceggio about his latest exhibition ‘I Do Not Scream For An Audience, I Shout At The Holy’ at Celaya Brothers Gallery in Mexico City. He presented a series of rebel, multidisciplinary, profoundly spiritual and symbolic […]
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8 Feb 16

Pow Wow Asia Tour 2015 by Chop’ Em Down Films

A walk through the 2015 Pow Wow festival POW WOW HAWAII started this weekend!! So, the guys of Chop’ Em Down Films made this cool reel with their live coverage of the Pow! Wow! Asia Tour. Jasper, Kamea, Jeff and the whole team is gathering of contemporary artists who engage with the broader community through […]
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5 Feb 16

JUSTKIDS x Bicicleta Sem Freio Limited T-shirt Series

Surprising special merchandise by JUSTKIDS and Bicicleta Sem Freio JUSTKIDS and Brazilian artist Bicicleta Sem Freio team-up on a limited edition t-shirt series. After producing numerous acclaimed and sold out Fine Arts prints JUSTKIDS will be unveiling a unique limited edition t-shirt in collaboration with Brazilian Artist Bicicleta Sem Freio. Produced by hand at the JUSTKIDS lab in […]
2 Feb 16


[spacer height=”20px”] By Nicole Chaput [spacer height=”20px”] [spacer height=”20px”] I remember the day it happened. February 11, 2010. I remember I saw one of his scarves on sale as I walked past Saks Fifth Avenue some days earlier. It was as if the store had anticipated the rising demand for his designs after his tragic […]
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21 Jan 16

Blek Le Rat talks about what modern propaganda is

This is an exclusive interview with Blek Le Rat by All City Canvas We bring you very cool projects in Mexico, Paris, Warsaw, New York City and… we also bring you an exclusive interview with the legend himself: Blek Le Rat. He talked about ‘Propaganda’ his upcoming art show at Wunderkammern Gallery, which opens to […]
1 Dec 15


By Nicole Chaput Given that the high and low arts have merged, a point of distinction between aesthetic experience and late capitalist agenda is extinct. Aesthetics have never been free from institutions that charge them. Art has always served external agencies, even during Modernism when art was said to serve itself, its discourse still belonged […]
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19 Nov 15

“The Elegant Dead”

The renowned English artist D*Face wrapped up his first visit to Mexico where he left a magnificent “Catrina” mural as a homage to the Day of the Dead in Mexico City. During his time in Mexico City he share with us some stories about his beginnings, he ate some ‘crickets’ tostadas’, he had the opportunity […]
20 Oct 15


By Nicole Chaput Advertisements pitch an ideal of singularity that trick the consumer into thinking such ideal is viable. However, the apparatuses employed by the industry depersonalize to create a rigid net of sameness that allow producers to satisfy every shade of that uniformity and thus ensure profit. Artist Vermibus intervenes existing advertisements to comment […]
5 Oct 15

The Simulation of Time

By Nicole Chaput [spacer height=”20px”] Youtube: home of everything ranging from cat videos to makeup tutorials to how to factor a hyperbola. In this infinite library of time, there is a video for almost anything, artworks included. Animations allow to not only look at something, but to see it breathe and exist by seeing how […]
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24 Sep 15

Lichtenstein looking fine!

Gagosian Gallery has a phenomenal exhibition entitled “Roy Lichtenstein: Greene Street Mural” where a replica of the original 1983 mural Take a spin around the world in this edition starting in Campobasso, Italy for the latest edition of the “Antonio Giordano Award for Writing and Street Art,” where artists Mr. Thoms, Zed1, Alberonero and Icks […]
22 Sep 15

Institutions and artworks stand together

How the institutions can endanger an artwork and to what extent… The purpose of this is not to point fingers for the mere purpose of doing so; but rather to use this experience as an example of how an institution can endanger an artwork and to what extent. It had been a really nice breakfast. […]
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4 Aug 15

Glimpse of America: the RECAP of a journey through cities, deserts and islands

This is a RECAP of the Glimpse of America’s journey Have you ever heard about Glimpse of America? Well, artists 2501 and G. Matta embarked on a journey from June 15 to July 24, 2015. And they passed through Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Rochester, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas and many National Parks […]
30 Jun 15

Why street art is no longer the artworld’s bastard

by Nicole Chaput [spacer height=”20px”] Mural by Low Bros in Brazil [spacer height=”20px”] The academic art sphere has an obsession with two terminologies: lowbrow and highbrow. Each one of these has a subtype that adjusts to a specific medium or form: galleries and public spaces, haute couture and streetwear, sculpture and pottery and stretched canvas […]
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9 Jun 15

Richard Prince: the Opportunist, a controversial exhibition

If Richard Prince’s Instagram photos are comparable to Reality TV, there is not much to stress about the shallow waters of contemporary art… We all remember the essay by Rosalind Krauss condemning originality and naming Sherrie Levine one of the greatest examples of art in its postmodernist era. For the forgetful, here is a quick […]
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17 Feb 20

Banda MS and Snoop Dogg confirm concert together

After several videos singing solo, a meeting, and lots of rumors later, la Banda MS and Snoop Dogg confirm concert in California La Banda MS and Snoop Dogg have been in talks for a long time. In fact, we give you the rumors that are circulating and how today their collaboration came to light! The […]
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12 Feb 20

Art Madrid 2020 presents its program

The best in video art, new media and action art in this edition of Art Madrid 2020 The activities of Art Madrid 2020 have officially started. If you plan to fly to the Motherland, or you’re already there, we give you tips on what to see at the event. Cutting edge artworks and lectures In […]
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10 Feb 20

In-N-Out Burger releases its own sneakers

New sneakers by In-N-Out Burger are inspired by their soft drink cups The restaurant chain In-N-Out Burger has released a pair of sneakers inspired by its soft drink cups. Unfortunately, they will only be available in the restaurant’s online store and two key locations in California. It’s worth mentioning that this is not the first […]
Street Art grafiiti
10 Feb 20

Bliss Walls, conscientious murals in Sao Paulo

The artists behind Bliss Walls share messages through their murals to create awareness in society Bliss Walls is a trio of graffiti and mural artists with various styles unified in their pieces. Their murals are mainly located in Sao Paulo and reflect the cultural diversity of Brazil. Anderson da Silva Pereira, Cassio Roberto Soares, and […]
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5 Feb 20

JR portrays the faces of more than 1000 locals in New York

In this new piece, JR portrays the different visions of living in a concrete jungle The Chronicles of New York City is the new piece where JR portrays the reality of the Big Apple. The piece located in Williamsburg’s Domino Park captures the lives of more than 1000 locals. After Chronicles and his gigantic piece […]
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5 Feb 20

BMW and Futura prepare a luxury car edition

To all cars and street art fans, check out BMW and Futura’s proposal Currently, the formula that combines street art and luxury brands is creating interesting proposals; it’s BMW and Futura’s turn to present three exclusive custom cars. The pieces by the iconic artist and the car manufacturer will be revealed at the Frieze Art […]