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Bliss Walls, conscientious murals in Sao Paulo

Courtesy: Bliss Walls

Bliss Walls, conscientious murals in Sao Paulo

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The artists behind Bliss Walls share messages through their murals to create awareness in society

Bliss Walls is a trio of graffiti and mural artists with various styles unified in their pieces. Their murals are mainly located in Sao Paulo and reflect the cultural diversity of Brazil.

Bliss Walls
Courtesy: Bliss Walls

Anderson da Silva Pereira, Cassio Roberto Soares, and Joao Neto Gomes da Silva are the guys behind the project. Their style touches on realism, caricature, and conceptual art.

With over 10 years of experience, they seek to paint their city with scenes of happiness. Mostly, their work reflects the values of social inclusion and zero discrimination towards the population.

Bliss Walls
Courtesy: Bliss Walls

Their graphic identity reflects the influence that graffiti has on its members, as well as the realistic portrait style included in most of their murals. Thus, they create conceptual collages.

Unlike many artists and collectives, the guys of Bliss Walls are not that active. Not because they don’t want to, but because they have a very clear goal and audience; they care more about their community and the messages they give out. Some examples include local campaigns on equality, football and down syndrome.

Bliss Walls
Courtesy: Bliss Walls

The topics reflected on the murals do not intend to portray raw or reflective aspects negatively, but to convey happiness and unbridled love in each piece.

Bliss Walls
Courtesy: Bliss Walls

To learn more about the work of this artistic trio, check out their Instagram account. They also have a website where you can see each project they’ve worked on in more detail.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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