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Bufo Alvarius: the spiritual medicine of our ancestors


Bufo Alvarius: the spiritual medicine of our ancestors

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Bufo Alvarius, aka “sapito,” is 5 times more powerful than Ayahuasca

Few people can explain an extrasensory or spiritual experience. Until they come across medicines like the Bufo Alvarius.

The “spiritual” label lays in the history of the substance. Its use is not related to recreational drugs or addiction. However, use this medicine with respect.

The use of this small animal originates in indigenous ancestry. Thus, a very ancient practice. The Bufo toad is part of pre-Hispanic cosmogonies.

The toad "medicine"
Courtesy: NeoMexicanismos

The Sonoran Desert hosts the largest amount of this species in Mexico. Here, the surgeon Octavio Retting studied –for more than 8 years– the effects of this substance on the brain.

The toad "medicine"
Courtesy: DepositPhotos/BestPhotoStudio

People who have consumed this medicine claim that it produces an oniric-like effect. You awaken from a dream after having a kind of revelation. The ‘Toad of Dawn,” as it is also known, expels 5-meO-DMT from its skin.

The neurotransmitter molecule is called Bufotenin. It is collected from the toad’s skin, without causing any damage to it. The liquid is then dried. Once crystallized, the effect on the psyche begins.

The toad "medicine"
Courtesy: Wikipedia

Its use is accompanied by musical elements, like drumming. Hence, this practice is called a “ceremony” or “ritual.”

The effects of the Bufo

Under the care and supervision of experts in the use of the Bufo you can avoid “bad trips.” Once inhaled, Bufotenin immediately reaches the brain in the form of 5meO-DMT. In fact, it is able to cure addiction to hard drugs, such as methamphetamines.

The toad "medicine"
Courtesy: NeoMexicanismos

Interestingly, our brain has certain kinds of filters. These are inhibited in our normal state of consciousness. Consequently, we perceive our reality in three dimensions.

Breaking these filters with the “medicine,” makes our ego disappear. We go into very deep introspection. In this state, we are able to connect with the subconscious part of our mind.

Bufo Alvarius ancestral medicine
Courtesy: The City

Others claim that it creates a kind of mental evolution. A short moment of death and rebirth. One of the most transcendental experiences.

There is a long scientific, ethnological and even skeptical debate. However, the chemical is not a toxic substance. But it should not be used for recreational purposes. Bufo Alvarius is a knowledgeable source of wisdom and understanding.

Bufo Alvarius ancestral medicine
Courtesy: Asaya Productions

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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