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Movie soundtracks curated by the All City Canvas team

Our list of top movie soundtracks Films are perfectly (or not) complemented by their soundtracks and scores, giving even more…

10 months ago

The essence of punk in 5 documentaries

From Raw Punk to Punk Rock, the essence of punk in 5 documentaries Punk is a social movement that boomed…

1 year ago

The Desert x Biennial opens in Coachella

The second edition of the Desert X Biennial presents interesting proposals We are excited because the Desert X Biennial is…

1 year ago

RZA and Ghostface movie of the Wu Tang Clan

A production by RZA and Ghostface based on the life of the WTC Rappers RZA and Ghostface Killah are making…

1 year ago

Jimi Hendrix illustrated by the artist Moebius

Jimi Hendrix immortalized in Moebius’ illustrations Moebius is an illustrator and creator of the series Electric Emotions. Namely, he depicts the musical…

1 year ago

Coachella 2017 displays the largest art installations ever

Four installations were exhibited in Coachella 2017 Text by Cristina Ochoa Photos by Infobae and loqueva Translation by Briana Prieto…

3 years ago