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Artwork by Georges Seurat recreated by art enthusiasts

Photographer Mark Preuschl recreated Georges Seurat's artwork through a call For fans of pointillism, Georges Seurat's work is perhaps very…

1 month ago

José Ferreira portrays a stark reality of Portugal

Photographer José Ferreira presents portraits of traffickers and families On the foothills of the city of Lisbon, is the 6…

2 months ago

JR portrays the faces of more than 1000 locals in New York

In this new piece, JR portrays the different visions of living in a concrete jungle The Chronicles of New York…

2 months ago

Women on Sofas, photographs out of comfort

Ruby Steele explores the role of contemporary Western women in Women on Sofas Thus, Women on Sofas is the name…

3 months ago

Banksy Captured: the photo book of the artist by Steve Lazarides

Unpublished photographs of the artist's work make up Banksy Captured by Steve Lazarides, who worked with him for over a…

5 months ago