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4 Mar 20

Posters and graphic design to illustrate feminism

What’s personal is political: these posters and graphic design by female artists show the power of the movement In the context of International Women’s Day we give you a list of the women who excel in creating posters and graphic design with messages that reveal that feminism is gaining strength as an unstoppable phenomenon. Feminist […]
ACC Network Street Art grafiiti
2 Mar 20

Women in graffiti boasting their female power

Women are also badasses in graffiti, so here’s our selection with some of the most outstanding ones Presently, as in the late 1970s, graffiti remains an anti-establishment, clandestine, public and illegal form of expression; what’s best, the number of women in graffiti is growing. Thus, we give you the low down on the women who […]
Art Comics
9 Aug 19

Flavita Banana, an illustrator who mocks everyday life

Clichés, satire, and more by Flavita Banana Humor will always be the key element to successfully execute criticism and Flavita Banana is an expert at it! If there’s one thing we love about comics like these, it’s the stories we identify with but that additionally have a dose of humorous satire reflecting our reality and […]
Uncategorized ACC Network Art
11 Jul 19

Idalia Candelas illustrates the modern single woman

The women of Idalia Candelas are free, autonomous and enjoy their own company For many women being single is one of the best experiences in life and Idalia Candelas confirms it with her illustrations. The series of drawings make up her book A solas (Alone). A publication that seeks to demystify the false beliefs of […]
Editors' Picks
ACC Network Food Illustration ACC Network
27 Mar 20

Japanese chef documented the delights he ate for 32 years

We know that a good meal is unforgettable, and more so for this Japanese chef who kept the memory of every dish he ate Itsuo Kobayashi is the most creative Japanese chef in his country. Thousands of delicious dishes have passed through his palate. His love for food motivated him to keep a record of […]
ACC Network Music
20 Mar 20

Liam Gallagher wants Oasis to give a benefit concert

In a recent tweet, Liam Gallagher asked his brother to reunite Oasis for a concert… Will he achieve it this time? One of the most anticipated reunions in music is Oasis and Liam Gallagher also wants it to happen. So much so that he recently tweeted about a proposal to his brother for a charity […]
Art Street Art
19 Mar 20

Jeremy Booth celebrates local creatives with a mural

A new mural in Kentucky by Jeremy Booth pays tribute to the work of local creatives Artist Jeremy Booth has created a colorful mural in the NuLu neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. His main intention is to celebrate and motivate local artists to continue creating pieces that make life more cheerful. This mural was commissioned by […]
Books Art
18 Mar 20

Taschen presents book by Antoni Gaudí

A compilation with the works by the iconic artist by the famous publishing house, Taschen Antoni Gaudí is one of the figures of modern architecture par excellence; that’s why the publisher Taschen recently published a book that collects the most memorable buildings by this artist. It is a publication consisting of 368 pages, where we […]
ACC Network Art
18 Mar 20

Artworks also quarantined by Coronavirus

The artworks we’ll talk about also escaped because of the annoying virus It isn’t easy for anyone to stay home in confinement for forty days, nor is it for the characters in these artworks that decided to leave their original place and take a break. Or at least that’s what the Spanish painter and photographer […]
ACC Network Gaming
17 Mar 20

Blade Runner video game returns in 2020

A new version of the classic Blade Runner video game will be remastered The popular 1997 Blade Runner video game will have a new version that will be released in 2020. This remake will include new events, new characters, locations, and an improved plot, bringing back the 1982 film. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is the […]