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David Bowie Vans will coming soon

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David Bowie Vans edition features four different designs

David Bowie Vans are a reality with four different models inspired by his albums. The exact release date has not yet been confirmed but fans have already shown their excitement on the Internet.

Courtesy: Vans

These sneakers seem to have been in the making for almost a year and the first rumor of their existence was revealed by streetwear Night Live. A website that has been characterized by bringing the freshest rumors on sneakers.

Despite all this, the collection has officially been confirmed by Vans.

Courtesy: Vans

Now, to give some credibility to the rumor, the model that was revealed is truly part of this collection.

David Bowie Vans will have four different models with designs inspired by the singer’s music. Additionally, they will have some specific details that can be seen on the covers of his albums.

Courtesy: Vans

The four models that will make up the collection are Slip-On 47 V DX, Sk8-Hi, Era and Old Skool. The first model is the design that was shown this past year, paying homage to the album Hunky Dory. It shows a Vans-style checkered teddy cover and yellow grip tape.

The second is the Sk8-hi which has the classic Vans design. The only difference is that on one side, it has “Bowie” written on, as well as the rays of the Aladdin Sane record.

Courtesy: Vans

The Era model is inspired by Bowie’s second album, Space Oddity. Thus showing several blue circles on it and the word “Space” on the side.

Lastly, the Old Skool design shows elegance with the reference to Aladdin Sane. The color white on one of the models will be one of the most demanded.


After Vans officially announced this new collaboration, new pieces have been released. These include other pairs of sneakers, caps and even T-shirts.

Courtesy: Vans

All these new garments also include motifs related to Bowie’s music. They include two sneakers, one black referencing the album Blackstar and other reds in leather. The latter, emphasizing Bowie’s most popular attire.

This new part of the collection includes two short-sleeved T-shirts. Both include Bowie’s Aladdin Sane character and the Vans logo.

Courtesy: Vans

A long-sleeved T-shirt with a black and white portrait of the artist is also included. And finally, a couple of caps, one in black corduroy with the classic red and blue ray. And another simple cap design with Bowie’s face on it.

Courtesy: Vans

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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