Diadora launches official Rick and Morty sneakers

This Diadora collection shows two different models inspired by Rick and Morty

Diadora has teamed up with Rick and Morty to launch two official pairs of sneakers from the Adult Swim animated series. Each pair is based on the physical appearances of each of the main characters.

Courtesy: Diadora

Rick’s pair is inspired by his outfit, based mainly on his blue robe and T-shirt. Combining a more subtle pair with a classic and pastel sneaker design. All based on the brand’s B-elite model, this pair is 99.99 euros.

On the other hand, Morty’s pair is more extravagant, with a sportier finish. This is inspired by his dark blue pants and a yellow T-shirt. These colors are predominantly placed on the stripes and the back of the footwear that characterizes the grandson.

Courtesy: Diadora

This last pair is the Diadora N902 model, and its commercial price is 199.99 euros. And despite being a bit overpriced, fans are already running out of available ones at the moment.

The demand for these sneakers has been huge, and despite that, Diadora has not said anything about it. After this massive sold out, another series of sneakers might be launched. Or maybe new versions inspired by other characters like Squanchy, Summer or Birdman.

Courtesy: Diadora

These cartoons have led many to different multiverses. Creator Justin Roiland published that the cartoon will go on for a long time. Now that 70 more chapters are ready, at least the script version might be coming soon.

With only three seasons and 31 chapters so far, the cartoon has managed to capture many. This is due to its easy science and fiction character that teaches good manners and promoting creativity.


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