Dubai Canvas 2017; the best of urban art in 3D

The best work will receive prizes from the jury and the people

The best artists in the world will meet in Dubai Canvas 3D Art Festival 2017, which will be held from the first to the seventh of march. With workshops, food trucks and street performers, Dubai Canvas will be an unforgettable experience.

Courtesy: Dubai Canvas

The City Walk shopping center will be transformed into an outdoor canvas in which artists will be able to exhibit their work, some of them pioneers in new styles and techniques.

Courtesy: DubaiCanvas

Dubai Canvas’ director, Ayesha bin Kalli, said one of the objectives is to make the festival really interactive by allowing people to see artists creating their pieces. “I am sure that the works of art that will be shown at the event will fascinate and amaze the public and create memorable experiences for them,” she said.

Courtesy: DubaiCanvas

The second edition of Dubai Canvas 3D Art Award will be held this year, the first prize in the world that recognizes the best of 3D art. There will be first, second and third place awarded by a jury; and another prize awarded by the audience.

Courtesy: DubaiCanvas

Kobra, Truman Adams, Andrés Petroselli and more artists…

Twenty-five selected artists have already painted their creations one week prior to the official start of the festival. And are ready to compete for these awards.

Among the artists are Kobra, Truman Adams, John Pugh, Andrés Petroselli, Adam Kirsch, Juandrés Vera, Ruben Poncia. And many others who have already finished their creations, giving the public the unique opportunity to see them in action.

Courtesy: DubaiCanvas

In the other hand, activities run from 4 to 10 pm on weekdays, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to midnight. The event is organized by Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the government, in partnership with Meeras, one of the leading companies in Dubai.

Courtesy: DubaiCanvas

Dubai Canvas is the latest government initiative to turn the city into an open-air museum, in addition to promoting aesthetic excellence and innovation.

Courtesy: DubaiCanvas
Courtesy: DubaiCanvas

Finally, for more information please visit the festival’s page: Dubai Canvas.

Text by Mariana Gaona,
Translation by Briana Prieto

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