Artwork by Georges Seurat recreated by art enthusiasts

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Photographer Mark Preuschl recreated Georges Seurat’s artwork through a call

For fans of pointillism, Georges Seurat’s work is perhaps very relevant. After all, he is one of art history’s most famous artists in this technique.

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Surely, one of the paintings that come to mind when you hear the painter’s name is A Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte from 1884. In it, we see a group of Parisians contemplating the landscape of the River Seine from its banks.

This piece gave photographer Mark Preuschl the idea of recreating it. Hence, he launched a call through a local newspaper in Beloit, Wisconsin, and invited all art enthusiasts or volunteers to join this project that honors Seurat.

Courtesy: Georges Seurat Archive

The result was amazing, as the photographer explored the region and found the ideal setting for this modern version. Thus, to recreate the position of the people in the painting more accurately, Preuschl invited Loren Sass, the director of the Civic Theatre, to design a system of numbered discs placed on the lawn to position the volunteers.

Courtesy: Mark Preuschl

Art impresses with magic that transcends words

Best of all is the touch of contemporaneity that the photographer gave the scene. Consequently, he respected the elements in the painting, such as clothes and umbrellas, but that are far from those of the nineteenth century. And, even though the project was carried out in 2006, the photo recently went viral.

“Great art impresses with the magic that transcends words. Great photos freeze a moment that always goes beyond words. There was magic that day. I know, I was there. We managed to capture the magical Impressionism that resonates in the original painting,” Preuschl said.

Courtesy: Mark Preuschl

Finally, an interesting fact is that Georges Seurat began painting in May 1884. However, prior to the final piece, he made 28 sketches, 28 panels, and three large canvases. Here are the images of the original piece and Preuschl’s.

Courtesy: Mark Preuschl / Georges Seurat

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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