Glimpse of America

Glimpse of America: the RECAP of a journey through cities, deserts and islands

This is a RECAP of the Glimpse of America’s journey

Have you ever heard about Glimpse of America? Well, artists 2501 and G. Matta embarked on a journey from June 15 to July 24, 2015. And they passed through Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Rochester, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas and many National Parks and deserts.

They told their story in collaboration with All City Canvas, through these weekly glimpses they sent from the road. Reminisce on this fantastic journey of Glimpse of America with them. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Miami & Gainesville

Episode 2: From Richmond to NYC

Glimpse 3: Detroit

Glimpse 4: Chicago – The Loop City

Glimpse 5: End/Beginning

Enjoy and share if you liked the ride!