Documentary Havana Skate Days

Havana Skate Days, the documentary about the Cuban skaters

The young Cuban skaters who are building the skate movement with their own means, that is Havana Skate Days

Directed by Kristofer Ríos, the documentary Havana Skate Days portrays the hardships of practicing the sport on the Caribbean island.

Havana Skate Days
Courtesy: Havana Skate Days scene

This film mainly depicts the demands of groups of young skaters to the Cuban government to promote the sport and provide them with support, which, due to the lack of the latter, is practiced illegally and drives the skaters to obtain all their needs from the black market.

The documentary focuses on Yojany Pérez, who skates on the island with his group of friends, who are gradually migrating to find better opportunities, making it very clear that for the four-wheel sport with a board, there is no opportunity.

Havana Skate Days
Courtesy: HavanaSkateDays scene

The documentary also shows groups such as Amigo Skate, originally from the United States, who are dedicated to bringing boards and products to local skaters, often illegally.

In February of this year, Amigo Skate dedicated himself to ramps in Ciudad Libertad, a former military base converted into a school, which has now been specially adapted for sports.

The obstacles that Yojany and his group of friends face lead them to create the skateboards as well as the competitions in a DIY way. In this way, they create spaces where they can skate freely without escaping as if they were criminals.

Havana Skate Days
Courtesy: HavanaSkateDays scene

Havana Skate Days it is a reflection of how these young people currently live on the island, what they can and can’t do. For many young people, if the government does not support them, they no longer represent them. They become another shout of resistance in Cuba.

We leave you with the trailer to enjoy these young revolutionaries.

Courtesy HavanaSkateDays Scene