girl in a natural landscape, illustration by Heikala

Heikala, the mythical nature of watercolor

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Mythology, nature and innocence in Heikala’s illustrations and paintings

Heikala is a watercolor and mixed painting artist originally from Finland with a very friendly style for all. His work ranges from the coexistence of mythical creatures, nature, to the mythology of his birthplace.

Girl accompanied by a bear, illustration by Heikala
Courtesy: Heikala

Heikala’s studies were in graphic design at the Lahti Design Institute. And for about five years he has been working on his individual projects, all with a unique style.

It consists of the use of materials such as ink and watercolor mainly, thus forming unique textures and combinations. Which he develops in illustrations for children inspired by fantasy.

girl accompanied by a tiger in a winter landscape, illustration of Heikala
Courtesy: Heikala

Additionally, each illustration shows characters that can be taken from the real world or from a fantasy one; mainly from the mythology that accompanies the stories of Finland and the Nordic culture.

Creatures dressed in leaves, dragons, and even witches are just a few examples of what he features in his work. Furthermore, he also complements them with very traditional landscapes full of fauna and nature.

Little witch posing, Heikala illustration
Courtesy: Heikala

Thus, over the years he has perfected his style of ink and watercolor; he has also experimented with other techniques including posters and colors. However, you can still appreciate the simplicity of his strokes and the importance of colors to the uniform style of watercolor.

Little girl controlling nature, Illustration by Heikala
Courtesy: Heikala

To learn a little more about Heikala’s art, just visit his Instagram. And, if you want to get closer, you can buy some of his collection books or prints in his online store.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)