Hot Art Summer!

Hot Art Summer! Our seasonal recommendations list

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This is our hot art summer recommendations. The heat is on and so are artists and projects around the world!

We begin in Atlanta with the latest edition of All City Canvas Global Series in conjunction with Herman Miller Cares where Italian artist Agostino Iacurci wrapped up an amazing week, imparting a 3 day workshop for kids at the Ben Hill Recreation Center and whipped up a massive mural for the community that people have greatly appreciated.

PangeaSeed’s Seawalls festival wrapped up in the beautiful island of Cozumel in Mexico with brutal murals by a group of the most renowned urban artists that continued spreading awareness of our impact on our planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems.

WALL\THERAPY in Rochester (NY) also came to an end, and this year, it was co-curated by Yasha Young of Urban Nation, the community intervention project gave way to amazing murals by artists like Brittany Williams, Vexta and Nevercrew and more. We selected our 5 favorite pieces, although it was a tough choice!

From Mexico to Italy

In Mexico City, Mamutt is undergoing a very interesting project with the Foundation of the Historic City Center, entitled Anti-recipe for an Atrium. The ingredients: local street artists Sanez and Cawamo, architect Lorenzo Álvarez and history lover, Carlos Villanueva. Check it out!

Another Italian artist who is also creating amazingness is Gola Hundun. Triskele, his latest piece is a beautiful tribute to megalithic art and a shelter for wild creatures in a magical place on the Mediterranean coast of Italy. We love how he represented the three stages of life!

We took a (visual and spiritual) trip to artist Carlito Dalceggio’s studio to find out what he is up to. And can only say that what he’s working on is going to be insanely great! Stay tuned for his upcoming installation in Mexico City.

Check out our gallery section to enjoy a weekend of art sighting whererever you are in the world!