Nuria Mora interview ACC

NURIA MORA: «“I don’t do street art»

We talked with Nuria Mora who told us about her concept of street art and muralism

Nuria Mora is a Spanish artist who uses public space as a support, medium and concept for her works. It is known for its abstract style embodied in paintings and murals.

The main objective that you want to accomplish in your work is to connect people with their works through dialogue and interaction with them during their creative process. She has exhibited in international galleries and museums such as Tate Modern in London, the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona, ​​the Pilar Foundation and Joan Miró in Mallorca, and the Johannesburg Museum of Contemporary Art.

During the interview we conducted, he talked about how the concept of street art has become widespread, when at first it was only associated with the description of “illegal practice.”

“I don’t do street art. What is done now is muralism and commissioned. There is nothing wrong, we all have the bad habit of eating daily ”- Nuria Mora

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