Artwork by Ron English

Jonathan LeVine Gallery opened its doors in new location

The first exhibition Jonathan LeVine Gallery in its new location

Text by Cristina Ochoa; Translation by Briana Prieto

Photos by Briana Prieto  and Doménica Armendáriz

If there is one word that defines Jonathan LeVine Gallery is “multidisciplinarity”. The art space that was founded by the owner, Jonathan LeVine, is one of the places that perfectly combine the style of urban art and the abstract of the contemporary. This gallery opened its doors for the first time in its new location, New Jersey, with the exhibition: Welcome to New Jersey.

Ron English Milk Made Momma 880x530 1
Milk Made Momma. Ron English. Photo: Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Diego Gravinese Nebula 1
Diego Gravinese, Welcome to Jersey. Photo: Jonathan LeVine Gallery

After 11 years of living in New York, Jonathan LeVine decided to transfer the gallery’s address to New Jersey, where he grew up and cemented his passion for art through punk. The purpose of this exhibition, integrated by international artists, is to continue with his goal proposed since his stay in New York: presenting a work diversity and the promotion of art that combines the practice of urban style.

Ron English Big Boys Dont Cry
Big Boys Don’t Cry. Ron English. Photo: Jonathan LeVine Gallery
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Marshmallow Meltdown. Nychos.

Street art, pop surrealism and hyperrealism are the lines that follow most of these works, which are very different from each other.

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Love lies bleeding. Adam Wallacavage.
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Lost in thought. Alessandro Gallo & Beth Cavener.

Among the artists participating in Welcome to New Jersey (open until March 18th) are:

TaraMcPherson, whose work is focused on the representation of innocence through the intersection of myth, legend and astronomy; the famous urban artist Shepard Fairey; Erik Jones, artist who tackles themes about geometric realism; Diego Gravinese, with his hyperrealistic style; Alessandro Gallo, to whom he is recognized by his work that represents actions and habits in animals, which he places in each of his works with surrealistic dyes; among others.

MattGrabelsky Grand Central 1
Grand Central. Matthew Grabelsky. Photo: Jonathan LeVine Gallery
welcome new jersey allcitycanvas e1487642200763 copy
Bloom. Erik Jones.

Considered one of the most important art galleries of recent times, this gallery is a space dedicated to promote artists and projects that challenge practice itself and contemporary art. The exhibition is a joint work with Mana Contemporary, the organization dedicated to the promotion of artistic projects.