Katsuru Beta: Katsu’s drone to paint

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Artist Katsu will sell his first prototype drone to paint: the Katsuru Beta

Katsu, the pioneer in drone painting, has developed a drone named Katsuru Beta, alongside Tsuru Robotics. It’s the first smart drone developed to paint semi-autonomously that could be up for sale.

Courtesy: Katsu

This is not only an important breakthrough in the artist’s work but for the style of painting with a drone. Thus, it could popularize the technique, saving time for many artists and giving new alternatives to create.

The Katsuru Beta is controlled manually and uses special motion sensors. In addition, the software detects walls, allowing the drone to adhere to them.

Courtesy: Katsu

This small aerial robot also features 10 minutes of battery life and tracks walls several feet high that runs on standard spray paint cans.

This is just the first stage of project development, which is now ready to go on sale. Additionally, in Katsu’s words, it will advance in 2020 as an upgradeable model that will be fully autonomous, thanks to a vision kit that is still in the works.

Courtesy: Katsu

Therefore, it seeks to make the drone a fully functional object and a tool for art. And although there are many things to improve, the product already shows great accuracy and handling. Therefore, it’s a suitable tool to paint graffiti or large-scale murals.

Courtesy: Katsu

These drones for aerial artists can be purchased next year, although they can be pre-ordered on January 1, 2020.

The entire first line of drones will include a special box signed by the artist with a final cost of $2,500 per unit. Pre-order yours here.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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