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MadeMe is officially back to give doses of streetwear to all lovers of urban fashion!

Cult streetwear designer Erin Magee returns with her signature MadeMe after two years without showing any signs of life. The official return was announced in a post on the brand’s Instagram account where we see the back of a white denim jacket with a colorful airbrush with angel wings, roses and in cursive, “Made Me.”

girl on panties wearing a white shirt by MadeMe
Credits: Maya Toledano

This is great news for all the people who are always looking for fresh proposals to wear on the street because, although brands like Supreme, Stüssy and Palace focus their collections on a more casual style, MadeMe bets on the details. And that’s thanks to Erin Magee who returns after taking a break to care for her two young children. Thus, she comes back with a bang!

The designer was overcome with nostalgia, seeing girls wearing her clothes, she decided to return to one of the activities she loves most: designing. In addition, she is Vice President of Design and Production for Supreme, so streetwear is not foreign to her at all.

two girls
Credits: Maya Toledano
model from MadeMe
Credits: Maya Toledano

It should be noted that in 2018 Converse and MadeMe launched a collaboration that blew our minds. Best of all, Magee was one of the first to champion women’s fashion on the street when she launched MadeMe in 2007, as she embraced the queer, rave, and riot grrrl culture in the heart of New York.

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Credits: Maya Toledano
person wearing MadeMe, a streetwear brand
Credits: Maya Toledano

Furthermore, this new collection includes one of the key sets, a denim look complete with a design by the artist Ally Bo. Additionally, there will be t-shirts with the logo covered with fun graphics. And to top it all off, it’s also launching rimless maximalist tones of sunglasses that will be available this summer.

Finally, you can take a look at the entire collection on MadeMe’s website, a brand that is breaking the boundaries of streetwear and gender clothing.