detuvieron a un hombre tras dano a picasso horizontal

Man was arrested after damaging a Picasso

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The iconic artist’s piece was torn, however, the man who caused the damage was arrested

The Tate Modern houses the painting “Bust of a Woman” by renowned Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. However, last Saturday it suffered an attack by a man who was arrested for alleged vandalism.

Man was arrested after vandalizing a Picasso
Courtesy: Pablo Picasso Archive

The person involved is a 20-year-old man who was arrested due to charges that correspond to criminal damage. The detainee, originally from North London, stated that he will deny the charges at a hearing at the Camberwell Magistrates Court.

Consequently, the damaged piece dates back to 1944 and is worth some 23.5 million Euros. In fact, the work is a representation of the French artist and poet Dora Maar. After the incident, the Museum removed the piece in order to assess the damage done.

Man is arrested after damage to a Picasso piece
Courtesy: Deposit Photos

It should be noted that the vandal was swiftly arrested at the time of the attack. Consequently, Shakeel Massey, the detainee, remains in police custody until his criminal status is determined on January 30.

However, a spokesman for the Tate Modern issued the first statements regarding the incident, explaining that “The person was quickly arrested and charged. Police are investigating. The artwork is with our conservation team for expert evaluation. The Tate Modern remains open.”

Man is arrested after damage to a Picasso piece
Courtesy: Pablo Picasso Archive

The final result of the evaluation is still pending. Additionally, London’s Metropolitan Police specified that officers are already investigating this incident. Finally, on January 30th the final verdict will be dictated.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)