Mitchie Brusco, the first skater to achieve a 1260° flip

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At the X Games in Minneapolis, Mitchie Brusco did the first 1260° flip

Mitchie Brusco is an American professional skater to make the first 1260° flip on his skateboard. This feat was performed during his participation in this year’s X Games in Minneapolis.

Courtesy: Mitchie Brusco

This feat in sports marks an important benchmark, similar to Tony Hawk’s 900-flip. This year he turned 20 and the skater celebrated on his Instagram account; coincidentally, both skaters accomplished these feats at the X Games.

At just 22 years, Mitchie Brusco has already won 10 medals in his professional career. He officially started in this competition in 2011.

Courtesy: Mitchie Brusco

The feat was achieved in the last edition of the X Games in a round of critical big air. Here, Brusco competed on par with Elliot Sloan for first place. However, despite making the flip that shocked everyone present, Mitchie got second place.

This is because, during the whole round of ramp tricks, Sloan accumulated more points. And although Brusco’s flips got a good score, they weren’t enough to get first place.

Courtesy: X Games, M. Brusco Silver Medal

However, that did not take away the fact that he did a three and a half 360-degree flips. He landed perfectly and without any wobble that could cost him points, making history in skateboarding and the extreme gaming Olympics.

Undoubtedly, these achievements are worthy of being recognized among the professional skating community. It also shows the sporting effort that these activities entail, as well as the physical risks.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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