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Movie soundtracks curated by the All City Canvas team

Courtesy: IMDB

Movie soundtracks curated by the All City Canvas team

Our list of top movie soundtracks

Films are perfectly (or not) complemented by their soundtracks and scores, giving even more life to the images. We are huge music and movie fans at All City Canvas, which is why we’d like to share our list of top movie soundtracks with you, dear reader.

It is worth mentioning that it was pretty hard to make a final decision, since many of the films have an original playlist, making them soundtracks.

Güeros movie still
Courtesy: IMDB

Clear examples like Tron (2010) or Blade Runner (1982) had original music as individual songs. However, a soundtrack has the peculiarity of being a compilation of several artists.

Here’s our list; it includes musical classics to more contemporary and unknown tunes, which undoubtedly enriches the films and praises their authors.

Baby Driver
Courtesy: IMDb

Pulp Fiction

We’d like to start with a classic movie and the favorite of many; it has one of the best soundtracks of all times. This 1994 film has a compilation of amazing classics.

It is a great example of how music fits perfectly to dance, excesses, murders and action scenes. Taking music that fits with dance scenes, excesses, murders and action.

From the iconic dance scene with You never can tell by Chuck Berry, to the rhythm of the twist, to Butch Coolidge’s entrance with an internal dialogue musicalized by Let’s Stay Together by Al Green, to the rhythm of Soul and R&B.

Almost Famous

This film from the year 2000 created a nostalgic milestone for the turn of the century thanks to its music, which includes titles like That’s The Way by Led Zeppelin and Feel Flows by The Beach Boys. It portrays a kind of dream-like story for many, and a way of meeting one’s idols, in a way. And what better to do it than with the amazing bands that come up throughout the story.

Baby Driver

The advantage of being in Hollywood’s film industry and having an alliance with various music labels is the variety of tunes that exist for films. Such is the case of Baby Driver that collects a great range of music genres and songs that marked an era.

Some examples are B-A-B-Y with a soul kick to it by Carla Thomas and Bellbottoms by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion with great Punk and Blues rhythm. Or bands like Queen, Blur, T.Rex, and artists like Barry White and Googie Rene.

The main plot is strongly linked to music and its influence on the main character. There is a perfect connection between him and the tunes; it is pure enjoyment to his ears, the beats, the composition, everything!


This film is greatly influenced by Synth Pop and new wave, which gives us an incredibly danceable and cool soundtrack, worthy of a road trip.

Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx have the most popular song in this movie, Nightcall. You’ll also be able to enjoy Tick of the Clock by The Chromatics and A Real Hero by College and Electric Youth.

This film also has an original score and, although it is high above the soundtrack, the songs in it are very worthy.

The Virgin Suicides

With a more romantic touch, this Sofia Coppola film encompasses the ultimate feminine essence, which is clearly reflected in the soundtrack where there are tunes by The Hollies, Heart and Carole King.

An amazing aspect is Air’s special soundtrack for the film, which includes some songs from their previous albums, but also new songs made specifically for the film.


Another all-time classic in the film and music production is Trainspotting. A mind-blowing sequence that depicts the 90s film decade that was very focused on drug stories and everyday life. Hence, the music is perfectly ad hoc for those moments of excess.

It keeps the essence of Punk, Electronic music and all that good nineties craziness. The soundtrack is filled with anthems like Lust for life by Iggy Pop and Born Slippy by Underworld, as well as amazing tracks by Lou Reed, Damon Albarn, Blur and New Order.

Amores Perros

One of the great Mexican movies and directors, Alejandro González Iñárritu’s first feature film, Amores Perros, has some fantastic tracks like Sí Señor by Control Machete, Una Vez Más by Zurdok and Dime Cuándo Comenzó El Dolor by Ely Guerra.

The tunes focus on a mix of feelings that go from hate to laughter to hate, all at the same time, which can be experienced in the craziness of Mexico City.  


A story of Mexico and the youth of the 90s, where a rock character, that is said to have saved the national Rock scene, is been sought.

The tunes included set the tone for the rebellious youth. These songs are incredibly nostalgic and take us back to the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

Most of these tracks are by the legendary Agustín Lara, including Veracruz, Tus Pupilas and Azul, to name a few. Juan Gabriel, Los Locos del Ritmo, and Natalia Lafourcade also add their tunes to various bar and love scenes.

Great Expectations

The songs of Great Expectations turn the tape into a lucid dream. Accompanied by melodies that are part of the last moments of the day.

The compilation includes songs by Tori Amos, Duncan Sheik, and Fisher. That contrasts with faster parts, courtesy of Iggy Pop, Reef and David Garza.

However, they are not affecting the ups and downs that the tape shows in its history. Always taking that adrenaline, feelings, and sensations that love causes.

American Graffiti

Nostalgia comes with a touch of euphoria and a friendly retro vibe in this 1973 movie, full of Swing and Rock & Roll.

This film, like many others, takes a musical genre and develops a story from it. American Graffiti focuses on the hottest Rock & Roll music of the 70s.

Chuck Berry with hits like Almost Grown and the classic Johnny B. Goode are included in this feature. Talents like The Five Satins and The Regents brought in To the Aisle and Barbara Ann, creating a soundtrack that inevitably makes your feet move from beginning to end.

Vi är bäst! (We Are The Best)

We are the Best! is a Swedish independent film that pays tribute to its genre, depicting the independence that a group of underage Punk girls goes through.

Thus, it has an amazingly crude soundtrack that contextualizes the life of Punk Rock music lovers; anarchism, friendship, and studs, as well as a mix of interesting independent bands, make up the film.

Much of its soundtrack is all over the Internet, which is a bit tedious to search. But as you navigate through the sounds, it’ll help to understand the Punk lifestyle the group of girls live in the film.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

The dark ambiance of this film is greatly complemented by its songs. The tunes are reminiscent of suspense films, thrillers, and romantic comedies.

It is an example of a story that has perfect synchronicity between image and audio.

Death by White Lies, Yarom Bia by Kiosk and Bashy by The Free Electric Band set the mood for the entire film.

Lost Highway

The poster for David Lynch’s creation has as a highway road illuminated by a car, and we must say the film’s songs entertain an unpremeditated adventure to perfection.

The songs, which include marvels by Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Barry Adamson, and The Smashing Pumpkins, give the story a dark and aggressive air to it.

Also included in the soundtrack are tracks like I Put a Spell On You, The Perfect Drug, Hollywood Sunset, and Eye.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. I

As we mentioned earlier, Hollywood allows for music and artists to reach even higher grounds. Some films, like this Marvel production, has become a favorite because of its soundtrack, even if it includes artists from a different era.

It includes mostly 70s tracks with a great mix of Soul, Funk rock and R&B. Tracks like Come and get your love by Redbone, I Want you back by the Jackson 5 and Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede, set an amazing retro atmosphere with futuristic tints.


We end our list with a flick for comic lovers, a DC graphic novel brought to the screen with a mix of darkness and exaggerated violence that flows perfectly with the soundtrack.

This movie is a perfect example of the difference between score and soundtrack: it includes 20 original songs mixed with 5 tracks from different soundtracks. 12 of the tracks have amazing variations that clearly describe the heroes and antiheroes of the film.

The versatility of the tunes is very obvious as well, from Desolation Row by My Chemical Romance to Pirate Jenny by Nina Simone; it describes the personality of each of the characters perfectly.

We might have left out a few films, but these are by far some of our favorite movie soundtracks. Share your favorite ones with us and let’s get the conversation started regarding original scores and soundtracks! And action!

Translated by Paula Villanueva

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