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Museum of Graffiti to open in Miami

Courtesy: Museum of Graffiti

Museum of Graffiti to open in Miami

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Art Basel in Miami will host the Museum of Graffiti

Wynwood in Miami opens its doors to the Museum of Graffiti, the first of its kind. The opening will take place on December 5 at the start of the activities of Art Basel Miami Beach.

Museum of Graffiti
Courtesy: Museum of Graffiti

This venue is a new attraction for Miami’s most colorful and artistic neighborhood. Its goal to pay homage to graffiti from its beginnings to its role in contemporary art.

Likewise, the Museum of Graffiti seeks to become a cultural center of great importance. Adding classes, temporary exhibitions, and activities involving graffiti to the activities.

Museum of Graffiti
Courtesy: Museum of Graffiti

The permanent pieces are made up of a great collection of artists. Among the highlights are New York legends Rammellzee, Riff70, Phase2, and Noc167. There are also representatives from the 1980s, such as Sonic, Lady Pink, and Delta2. And of course, you can’t leave the local artists behind: Crome, Verse, and Abstrk.

There will also be a timeline illustrated with archival documents. These add a historical context to the entire exhibition and the motif of the museum.

Museum of Graffiti
Courtesy: Museum of Graffiti

As for the educational area, there is a variety of courses that will be offered. These will generate a discussion around graffiti as a form of artistic expression.

And finally, like the neighborhood where the museum will be located, it will have graffiti on its premises. Many created as a space of expression and appreciation. These will be created by highly regarded local artists, as well as new talent.

The Museum of Graffiti will be located on 299 NW 25th Street and will open on December 5. It’s certainly another step in the popular consolidation of graffiti as art in the public view.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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