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Odeith and his realistic 3D muralism

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We give you a short list of the best Odeith murals so far this year

A few days ago, urban artist Odeith became even more popular on social media thanks to an intervention. In this he made a destroyed bus with his already well-known realistic 3D technique, breaking it as he knows how to do it.

This led us to think about what other works Sergio Odeith has worked on in recent months. So we bring you a list of the 5 best pieces by this urban artist this year. Listen up, this doesn’t mean there are bad pieces, but we only chose the ones we like the most.

Courtesy: Odeith


What is an urban artist without leaving his tag written on one of the walls where created a piece? This three-dimensional work shows the artist’s real name, but in metallic form.

Courtesy: Odeith

The depth made with the lights and the reflection simulations make you believe it is really metal. It also presents something that seems to be copper and another a golden color, simulating gold.

Courtesy: Odeith


This mural was made in Portugal under a special request. In it, you can see a swallow closing in to a porcelain bowl.

It is a clear example that many of this artist’s pieces are complemented by the angle. You can see this in the image where he first shared this piece.

Courtesy: Odeith


This is one of our favorites, as here he did not make exclusive use of a single wall. He found in his environment add-ons that made it something magnificent.

It’s a firefly that lights its tail with a green light, all on a wall, as usual. However, when looking closely at it, the environment provided a construction that complements the work. It resulted in a real 3D that is added to the main mural.

Courtesy: Odeith

Metallic graffiti

This is certainly one of the pieces that has more details and objects on this list. Since Odeith dared to mix animals, three-dimensional graffiti and 2D works.

It’s a tag of his name in silver, simulating a very well polished metal structure. While at the top, a crocodile takes possession of the artwork by walking on it. The optical illusion behind these two paintings allows you to see other signs.

Courtesy: Odeith


This piece shows what appears to be a spaceship landing on Earth. From an adequate angle, the composition complements its physical context, creating confusion.

The main structure appears to be a large pool of water. This feature creates light effects, shadows and a natural environment similar to that found in the actual setting.

Courtesy: Odeith

Undoubtedly, by adding the painting of the bus, Odeith’s works remain a topic of conversation. He has found a style that he has been able to perfect to make it his own in a unique way. What was your favorite piece?

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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