Petites Luxures: the subtlety of eroticism

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A marker is all Petites Luxures needs to create eroticism

Petites Luxures is the Instagram account of an artist who loves minimalism and eroticism. His work shows that a simple marker can be the only tool you need to create an entire artistic concept.

Courtesy: @petitesluxures

Oftentimes talking about erotic art involves something more explicit and very detailed, leaving nothing to the imagination, seeking not only eroticism but to stop stigmatizing or sexualizing the human body.

However, for the work of these small lusts, everything is literal in terms of their name; they show sensuality on a small scale and not so explicitly, but with simple lines.

Courtesy: @petitesluxures

Thus with minimalist touches, the erotic is the fusion of lines that our subconscious relates to the body. In addition, the erotic is mimicked with simplicity and the most innocent example art can have.

Furthermore, the illustrations have a touch of beauty and elegance by showing sex in a subtle way. As well as games of perspectives, shadows, lights and even small details like coffee cups, windows or lingerie.

Courtesy: @petitesluxures

For the artist behind these illustrations, his images explore his sexual being in a different way, finding in his own drawn eroticism the fore and post-play of intimate relationships.

Lastly, for those who want to dig deeper (get it?!) in these illustrations, you can visit @petiteluxures. Or, if you are interested in purchasing one of the limited prints you can do so in the online store.

Courtesy: @petitesluxures

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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